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Sara Nursery Feedback

Discussion in 'Schools/Playgroups/Daycares in Abu Dhabi' started by angela1979, Feb 9, 2015.

  1. angela1979

    angela1979 New IL'ite

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    Hi everyone.

    I have 3 kids. Two of the elder studied at Noahs ark and the third at Sara Nursery. I heard mix reviews about the place and only opted for Sara because of supposed guaranteed admission to Indian school/Bright riders.

    Firstly if someone has a doubt about my feedback - please be advised that I have graduated from the top Indian school and universities so I know what I am talking about when it comes to education evaluation. I have also experienced other nurseries personally so have something to compare against. I have seen some parents talk positively about the place - fine - I am not saying its that bad but I think those parents have not personally experienced other nurseries so do not know what they have missed.

    Let me give you my honest evaluation at the place. My overall rating is negative. It outwardly tends to give an appearance of being disciplined as the teachers seem very scared of the principal and there are just TOO many rules that just generally cause inconvenience. Good impressions, if any, of the place are just hyped up.

    I’ll list some of the issues I’ve noted – and please remember this is done keeping in mind my experiences of having kids in other nurseries and from close friends whose kids study in other nurseries.

    These are as follows:

    1. Firstly its expensive. I am paying more than my kids who studied at Noah’s ark and my than my kids in school/kindergarden
    2. Secondly – you don’t really get what you paid for. I find that the teaching is not that great compared to other nursery. Kids are not learning as much as kids in other nurseries
    3. There are too many written noticed and acknowledgements. Am fed up of signing acknowledgements for every small thing. Makes you feel like an idiot “Yes I acknowledge for this, Yes I acknowledge for that”. I will do this. I will do that.
    4. If you’ll are working parents – be ready to skip work to attend the numerous open houses. Which are held on Thursdays. I have honestly not seen any other school /nursery in AbU Dhabi that holds open houses on a working day. Bright riders has on weekends. Indian school over weekend. Other nursery on weekend. Am fed up of going late to work just to spend 5 minutes with the teacher and sign a attendance sheet.
    5. Be ready for written notes from the school nurse to cut the child’s nails – when there is nothing to cut! My kids nails are short and any mother will know – up to a certain point – you cannot cut the nail without hurting the child The nurse obviously has not cut any child’s nails and does not understand that and the only way to follow her request is to practically remove the whole nail.
    6. There will be planned schedules for the whole semester distributed at the start and you will find that dates are not adhered to. Mid December the nusery had a open house. As per the plan the next open house was to be in Jan end – which seems practical. This was changed (with just a days notice) to second week of Jan. Can any parent tell me – what is the use of having a open house few weeks apart – of which 2 weeks were winter holidays!!!. And for this you have to skip work!!!. Waste of time.
    7. For those with both working parents – the open houses on a working day and sudden 1 day notice would prove really inconvenient. One parent I know was really upset at having to run around for arrangements due to 1 day open house notice – as the kids have a holiday on that day.
    8. Biggest hit of all. – Most parents “fight” to get into Sara – hoping of a guaranteed admission to Indian school or Bright riders – Be warned in advance – This is not guaranteed!!. Firstly they make you sign 4-5 times over the entire year that it is not guaranteed and finally you go through lot. Just for a few seats.
    9. I witnessed a lot for Bright riders – that was poorly organized. Forms were freely distributed and people were entering multiple entries – supposedly not allowed but wasn’t monitored and organized well. One parent won twice. And while everyone was upset and pointed figures at the parent – I don’t agree – and hold the Principal responsible for organizing a mess and allowing it to happen.
    10. Teachers are too scared of the Principal. For what reason I don’t know. They have actually admitted to being scared of her. Whilst I, to some extent accept discipline as a for of implementing a system. Excessive discipline causes failure and doesn’t bring out the best in people. Basic modern management principle!!! Which supports my observation that the teachers are not that great as would have been expected.
    11. As said in the earlier point, the teachers are not that great – you would think that with strong discipline enforcement, it would be – but I don’t see that extra “zing” in the teachers. I would fairly say that they are almost the same as in any other nursery – so please don’t expect that something extra special – if you know what I mean.

    I hope this feedback will help you make your decision in choosing this nursery. Having gone through an entire year here, To be honest – I don’t really see what the fight is all about in getting into this – the long waiting lines to get in. You are not guaranteed a seat anywhere and the teaching/facilities are not that great. Be ready for some more inconveniences as compared to other nurseries. I strongly feel the best Indian nurseries in Abu Dhabi are Leens and Noah’s Ark!

    For those who think I may be biased and am picking on this nursery because of some issue – sorry – this is not the case. I have not had any run in with the teachers and principal of this nursery. I Have however been inconvenienced to a great extent due to disorganization and I and several others strongly feel that in the minds of the Principal and school, they do not put the kids/parents first. Rather themselves and their conveniences. And most importantly – you get nothing – no guaranteed seats nor a really top class care/mentoring.

    If the management is reading this, consider changing the Principal and you will see more positive results. This is a nursery, not a military school.
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  2. UpasanaKalyani

    UpasanaKalyani New IL'ite

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    Thank you for sharing your experience with us. I was also looking for the feedback of nurseries in AUH.

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