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Rocket Raja

Discussion in 'Stories (Fiction)' started by sureshmiyer, Jul 1, 2020.

  1. sureshmiyer

    sureshmiyer Silver IL'ite

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    Raja was standing before a busy Railway Junction. He was a smart young guy. He was feeling very nervous. His fingers were itching. He had to do it anyway. If he did not do it this time, he will be mocked by his group. It was tempting, but he was feeling on the edge. It was almost like a question of Life and Death for him.

    The girl passed by him. She was looking very pretty and was wearing a white top and blue tight fit jeans. On the T shirt was written the words.

    Do Not Look At Me. I Know I am Hot.

    There was a mild scent in the air as she passed him. The sun was beginning to set and the rays made her gleam. Too many people were proceeding towards the railway station, while some were buying fruits, napkins, books, household items across many of the stalls. Some were just huddled in groups chit-chatting.

    Raj concentrated on the girl. He did not know what fate lay in store for him this time. The first time, he did it; he was chased by the crowd. The second time, he was almost beaten up but rescued by his companions.

    “Dey, Indha dhadavai miss pannadharaa” shouted one of his companions. (Don’t miss this time). He could see a group of eve-teasers on the other side of the road. They whistled at the girl as she moved past them. Nothing could distract him this time. He was determined. Millions of emotions raced through his small mind.

    The girl was dodging smartly between the crowd and the roadside hawkers. His legs were moving swiftly behind the girl and in no time, he came shoulder to shoulder with her. He gently brushed on her arms and his fingers felt her butt. The girl did not even have an inkling of his intentions. He zipped past swiftly and got lost on the crowd. His face was beaming with pride as he approached his group of companions who watched him with a gasp. They stood scattered near the staircase of the station.

    What started as a temptation became a habit for him. He swiftly climbed the stairs and brushed past five in the crowd.

    This time, they were men, some middle-aged and some young. It was even better this time.

    Soon it was night. They sat on the first floor of an under-construction flat. As one of them removed his pack of cards, the other one remarked “Hey Raja, take the booty out.” Raja spreads open his bag and dropped the wallets on the floor. All of them started counting. They collected coolly a sum of Rs.7,500/-. They distributed Rs.1400/- among themselves and gave Rs.1900/- to Raja as a reward for his exploits.

    A few credit cards too lay on the floor alongwith a hi-tech mobile phone.

    Raja was a confident young man now. His fingers worked in a smooth precision with a hidden blade in between. They zipped into the pockets of unsuspecting men and women like a rocket and came out like lightning. He became increasingly popular in his group.

    No one calls him Raja anymore. They call him “Rocket Raja”.
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