Robust Smile For (would Be) Mother

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    Robust Smile
    for (Would be)

    A delectable joy to watch the expression of desire of baby at the sight of chocolate ice cream in a parlour in mall.
    A thoughtful capture watching of which produces cheer.
    This gives ideas for young mothers to capture and preserve such wondrous moments .

    I saw the effect of sugar (in ice cream) when I bought a stick of ice cream for a grandson (his parents have strictly not allowed any sugary thing at all until that time) and in the mall he started laughing loudly intermittently and giggling so loudly, there was a crowd in the mall observing him and I was tad scared and in awe.
    Is it the effect of C12H22O11, especially AMONG KIDS!

    As a solid baby in brown baba suit squatting & looking at the photographer in BRIGHT silhouetted dark studios is available in media. Check my post of photo taken some 78 years ago in IL media only if you wish .
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