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Road Rage

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by Skinny, Feb 8, 2007.

  1. Skinny

    Skinny Guest

    I am a stay at home mom and I live in Chennai.Since I don't have a driver I do all the driving myself,dropping off and picking up my son from school and doing my errands.Everyday I see people abusing the traffic rules and it upsets me,angers me and I keep wondering what stops people from obeying rules? Why is it so difficult to wait for the signals to turn green to start moving forward? What is the hurry to get to where you need to go by putting not only yourself in danger but others around you?Or do people not even think of the consequences of their actions?
    Everytime I leave my house I tell myself there is no point in getting worked up about the traffic or the abuse I encounter everyday...I just have to grit my teeth and make sure I don't get into an accident.
    But I wish I could do something to make a change.Any suggestions out there??

  2. Manjureddy

    Manjureddy Gold IL'ite

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    What can anyone do ?
    Sensible people know that one minute of waiting patiently for their turn is not going to make a difference in their whole lifetime.
    But there are always people who tear ahead as though their feet are on fire. Maybe they will arrive wherever they are going one minute earlier, but what else have they gained ? Suppose that one minute's rushing gets them killed ? They dont even think about it.
    I remember a Highway roadsign: " Speed Thrills. And Kills. "

    Unless the speed maniacs realise it themselves, nothing much can be done.
  3. jothi

    jothi Senior IL'ite

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    I dont know if we can do anything to change the situation of traffic in chennai. When I visited India, I was terrified to to travel everyday, seeing the way people drive. I actually witnessed a guy in his bike who overtook my car and tried to beat a red light when he ended loosing control of his bike and was thrown about 100 ft away from where his bike was. I kept thinking to myself, what is wrong with these people, why woould they endanger themselves and others. My driver kept yelling at him cause he missed our car by just a few ft.
    People should realise what is at stake by their impatience and rash driving.
    I know you will be seeing a lot more of this day in and day out. All you can do is be very careful when you drive.

    Drive safely,
  4. Eljaype

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    Dear Jothi,

    Not only for maniacal driving on the roads, but the roads are also not made for that. Even if we are careful we get into accidents.
    Both my children and the Son-in-law ride bikes.
    My daughter had an accident a freak one actually. It was 9.45 in the night.She was coming back from the office. There a slab jutting out from the median, it was actually out. She was looking at the red signal and slowing down. She went and hit the slab an was thrown on the road. But luckily GOD was with her at that time, she could ride again and reach home by herself. She was unscathed but for some scratches here and there. She had her helmet on.
    Here noone ever thinks of wearing a helmet also. Why doesn't the government make it compulsory


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