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Revenge shopping

Discussion in 'General Discussions - USA & Canada' started by Huma, Nov 21, 2007.

  1. Huma

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    Hi everyone.

    Get your own back on irritating friends and relatives with a perfect Christmas gift especially for them:gift

    Annoying best friend .....

    Scenario.... You went to the same school, were even bridesmaids at each other's weddings, yet over the last year your so co-called....bessie mate... has been less than supportive.

    From the shopping trips where she says you're too old for a designer jean, to the quips about your expanding waistline, your friend is constantly sticking the knife in. Maybe she's feeling out of shape herself, but that's no excuse. Does she realise how close she is to being told where to go?

    You're tempted to give her....
    A gag for her big gob.

    Your gift should be....
    A personal training session with a note that reads... Us oldies should stick together and fight the forces of gravity. She'll soon get the message.

    Unappreciative husband.
    Scenario...He burps, he farts, and he's out of shape. Added to that, he complains that you're at home doing nothing all day while he's slaving away at his job. He fails to see tht cooking, cleaning and looking after the kids is real work.
    You're tempted to give him...
    Divorce papers.
    Your gift should be.....
    A taste of his own medicine in the shape of a calendar detailing your working hours and suggest that if your days are so easy, he can try doing some of the chores himself.

    For the interfering in-laws..

    Scenario....They're retired and think nothing of turning up to your house unannounced whenever they feel like it.....Mum-in law believes you're neglecting her little boy even though he's in his 40s.....Dil plonks himself in the best armchair and comments that boys shouldn't have to do housework. Of course, your hubby thinks his parents are wonderful and basks in their praise while you slowly stifle the urge to set the dog on the pair of them.

    Your in-laws may be set in their ways, but surely they must realise that times have changed and the way you run your household might be different, but it works just as well.

    You're tempted to give them...A book on modern living.

    Your gift should be....A joint yearly subscription to the local centre for OAPs...they will be so busy that they won't have time to bother u.

    And if all else fails...if none of your gifts get the message across, apply for a course that will take up most of your spare time.

    A little rest and relaxation will at least give u the energy to grin and bear your nearest and dearest.

    Happy Christmas.:hatsoff

  2. sunkan

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    dear huma,
    your write up is too hilarious, my what a way of projecting stuff yaar, i loved the husband part a lot....sunkan

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