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Revenge is Surely Sweet

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by Kamalji, May 15, 2010.

  1. Kamalji

    Kamalji IL Hall of Fame

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    Revenge is Surely Sweet<?XML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = O />

    I was having an account in a Nationalized Bank for donkeys years. Now this incident is around 15 years old, but came to mind when a few days back the manager of the Bank came to me, going thru his old records, came to know I was a decent customer and now I don’t bank with them.

    He called me from the Bank, and told me, I know u had great accounts with us, The Current Account, 4 savings Accounts, Fixed Deposits and now nothing ! I want to meet u and reneiw the relationship. I told him bluntly, that relationship is over and dead now, pls don’t come, but nowadays they are very persistent , and he just came over.

    We sat over Tea, I put on the AC, which I don’t do even in the hottest temperatures, for in my office I pay commercial charges, that is double, so I sweat it out, but when someone such comes, I put it on for his comfort.

    He said now we give good service, we will give u loans too, just open an account with us.i said nothing doing dear Sir, please don’t let me open my mouth, I am now comfortable with the current bank. So he asked me what happened at his branch 15 years ago that has put me off. I told him Rambabu knows, he is still in the Bank, but he said u tell me yourself. And then I gave it to him, good and proper.Here it is.

    I was exporting very well those days, Goddess Lakshmi was very kind to me and Harsha.
    Exports were good, so were profits, and no taxes on exports, life was hunky dory, and my account was with this one bank, so all my savings accounts and FD’s were in their branch.

    We used to get Duty Drawback Cheques from the Customs, a gift by the Govt of India to us exporters, and it used to come to us by cheques, which we had to deposit in the bank for outstation clearances. The cheque should come back cleared with in a week or two, but they used to take months for my cheques.

    I never pampered the Manager, for I worked with my own money, and advances received from the Buyers, for I never worked without advances.The buyers had to first trust me with their money, around 25% advance, and then I used to give the credit of the 75% to them, been my policy since ages. So I never gave any Diwali Gifts to the Manager or to the staff, nor had any Over Draft limits made from the bank, where as my other exporter friends in the same Bank had mortgaged their factories and homes for loans to run the business, and they used to lick everything of the Bankers.

    So while their cheques came in quick time, these fellows used to keep mine in the bank for weeks on end, even months, to harass me, and I used to wear out my shoes going to the banks to find out if my cheques had come in, for I needed the money for business.

    So one day I went to the bank met the manager, and complained but he said we cant do anything about the delay, and I told him u clear everyone’s cheques fast but mine, but he refused to listen to me.I told him if this is the case, I will close down my business account with u, with all my personal accounts, and all these FD’s I will withdraw from the bank once they mature.He said Mr.Mahtani, this is yr money, u can do what u want, meaning shove it there !

    I told him, that is what u think, let me see what your head office thinks about this.I wrote a letter to the head office, and couriered it, with a two paged typed complaint,and photocopies of the FD’s that I had with them,expecting no reply, for I knew how beauracracy worked.Surprisingly in a few days I received a letter from the head office, tellingme they are sorry, and they have told the manager to talk to me and sort it out.

    The manager called, and he said Sir can u come to the bank, we have received a letter from them,I said sorry.They said we want to come over, I said fine come over.

    I put on the AC, told harsha to send me lovely tea in decent cups, with biscuits, and dry fruits, for when u want to behead a goat, u do feed it nice stuff before the slaughter, don’t u ?

    When they came , I ticked them off, they pleaded with me to take my complaint back, I said nothing doing, and gave them a peice of my mind. Well after a week I heard the manager and the deputy were transferred to <?XML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = ST1 /><ST1:pLACE w:st="on"><ST1:COUNTRY-REGION w:st="on">Assam</ST1:COUNTRY-REGION></ST1:pLACE> or some other remote place, and I swear It pleased me no end.

    But I was not over yet. Dad had just expired , and I was in that dark sort of a mood, very rare actually for me, for well I am human too. An ex banker is a good friend of mine, and I told him this story, and I asked him to tell me ways to screw the Bank and teach them a lesson.

    He told me Kamal, here is the formula. You receive Customs duty Drawback, .When u deposit the cheque in the bank, they send it for clearing to <ST1:pLACE w:st="on"><ST1:CITY w:st="on">delhi</ST1:CITY></ST1:pLACE> or Mumbai, and when does the money come to your account ?

    I said it takes months for the cheques to come cleared, and he said RBI law says, that it should come within 14 days, otherwise, they have to pay the savings rate interest on the delayed payments.

    For example if my cheque amount was 3 lakhs, and it came after 94 days to my account, from the date I deposited to my account, minus 14 days from 94, so that makes it 80 days that I must receive interest on at 5% pa, that was the rate then.

    I ran home and spent the whole day, taking out the records of the last 6 years or so, and made a huge list, and went personally to the Bank, and got one copy signed, and waited.

    Soon I was credited with some 5000 bucks back interest, and I went and further claimed interest on interest, for some of these were many years old, and got another 500 or so.The new manager came to me, said the auditors have screwed us.

    One fellow at the Bank had the gall to tell me, kamalji u are so cheap to take advantage of the RBI law, I said, u have not done any charity to me, if this panga had not taken place, I would have never claimed this from the Bank.By law I deserve this interest.Dont u guys charge us interest even for a day, when we borrow from u ?

    And the new manager was listening to this , eyes opened, and he must have changed his opinion of me, for he quickly ran away from my office, Good riddance to bad rubbish.

    But I can tell you, revenge was damn sweet, and even now I feel to have a scrap sometimes, but no one gives me an opportunity really.Revenge is necessary to bring my low BP to normal ones, and I did earn in the bargain too 5500 bucks eh !

    No message here, we all live our lives our own ways, this was my way, to teach someone a lesson he will never forget. And a lesson for all, kill a snake, but don’t ever cross an angry Sindhi’s path, rather kill him, for if u leave him alive, he will haunt u for the rest of yr life.

    Beware I am a sindhi !!!

    Have a great Weekend , ladies and Gentlemen


    The Jokes Ladies and Gentlemen, the Veg ones of course

    Once a child ate a 50 paise coin.
    After a few days the coin come out in the potty.
    On seeing this, his businessman father says to his wife
    “ Aaj Bahut Din Baad Phansi Hui Payment Mili Hai !!!!!

    The First Month the Boss gives his Hot Secretary a skirt as salary.
    2<SUP>nd</SUP> Month ?
    He Raised the salary !!!!!

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------On his death bed Earl Woods gave his son Tiger his last advise
    “ Focus on your Golf, screw everything else”
    Tiger took his advise very seriously !!!!

    Teacher asks Santa “ What do u call NADEE ( string) in English.
    Santa – P>H>D
    Teacher – what ??????????
    Santa – Pajama Holding Device
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  2. Arunarc

    Arunarc Moderator Staff Member IL Hall of Fame

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    Dear Kamalji
    Ohhh Kamalji so we need to be aware of the sindhi's now.especially you...hahahah
    That was a real tit for tat......
    So Kamalji when is the party for us all you have got a good sum in the bargain...
  3. sritas

    sritas Staff Member IL Hall of Fame

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    Revenge is definitely sweet sometime, Kamalji Sir, and that too with the bankers whom we trust and they sometimes take us for a ride. There are soooooo many people out there who are not aware of their right and take everything they dish out quietly. We must act like you did sometimes to make them pay............my FIL too always has some or the other complaint with the bank personnel who themselves are not aware of the law sometimes.
  4. Sriniketan

    Sriniketan IL Hall of Fame

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    I am coming from your jokes..to be on the safer side...:rotfl
    Eventhough it looks like veg..but it is not..:hide:

    Yours is a sweet revenge..I am not into revenge aspect..but if someone is affected this way...I go for them..see I am playing it safe here too..haha..

  5. ganges

    ganges Gold IL'ite

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    dear kamalji

    I am thinking of the officials who came to your office second time. hahaha .....poor chaps. you are a real sindhi. nice write up dear. That officials I hope will never took that attitude to any other customers again.

    jokes part are not too veg friend.

  6. monifa13

    monifa13 Bronze IL'ite

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    Pranaam Kamalji - Well, I am not a Sindhi and I have never taken revenge on people who have wronged me and who have cheated me but I think you were right in dealing with the bank manager the way you did. I have been having an account in one of the banks in Chennai for so many years. Few years back I sent a cheque for a family member to buy a car and he took that cheque to his bank in Delhi. Probably the manager of his bank wanted to verify whether I had that much money in my account and called my bank in Chennai to find the details about my account. The manager of my bank disclosed how much money I have in my account to the manager of the Delhi bank. The net result is, my bank balance was broadcasted to all my relatives in India and all of a sudden all of them had to repair their houses, educate their children, get their daughters/sons married or had to undergo emergency surgeries! After this incident I DO have something against these bank people!!!
    I loved your one non-veg and three veg jokes. You know I am a vegetarian and you should include more veg jokes now and then....
  7. Mindian

    Mindian IL Hall of Fame

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    Wow kamalji , lesson learnt.Kamalji se kabhi panga math lena ,kya? :rotfl

    yeah maybe revenge is sweet but I dont know because never experienced it.:rotfl even when some people talk irritatingly i always bear it .later when I tell my family my daughter will say" mamma pls go and tell the concerned party directly, why are you telling us?"

    But nowadays trying to be more like my hubby He says "Forgive them for they know not what they are talking" I call him Jesus' descendant.:rotfl
  8. Ranise

    Ranise Junior IL'ite

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    Kamalji ( writing this reminds me of Rangeela ! :) )

    Must have been really sweet & satisfying !

    I had read about a brain study that showed why Revenge is sweet. The study suggested that we feel satisfaction when we punish others for bad behavior. In fact, anticipation of this pleasure drives us to crack the whip !.

  9. Raba

    Raba Gold IL'ite

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    Dear Kamalji,

    Suddenly you seem to sound furious:hide: though i have never tasted the sweetness of revenge, after reading this, i feel revenge is sweet.

    You gave them a good lesson :thumbsup.
  10. Tubelight

    Tubelight Bronze IL'ite

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    Dear Kamalji

    An unusual post from you, but I am glad you got your revenge.
    LOL ! Liked the idea of fattening the goat before sacrifice !

    But I think customers need to stand up for their righs otherwise these smug nationalised banks take us for a ride if we meekly accept their tardy service. Even in small things, they take their own sweet time, inspite of having announcements claiming that drafts will be prepared in 15 mins, chequebooks issued in 20 mins, they never stick to it. Many times they just ask us to come back the next day to collect new chequebooks or updated passbooks. If they cannot do such rudimentary service according to norms, i can imagines how haphazard their service will be in bigger transactions like yours !

    As for sweetness of revenge, i have never experienced it first hand !

    Great post Kamalji

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