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Respect Is Fragile And Easily Lost

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by SuiDhaaga, Sep 27, 2021.

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    Respect is fragile and easily lost
    Once it is gone
    You will never understand the cost

    Respect take days, months, years to build
    Make one wrong move
    People will you ill

    Respect is what makes a person unique
    If you act out of context
    People will think you are a freak

    Respect cannot be easily restored
    You may have to leave town
    You may have to find another
    Place to learn and explore

    Some people understand innately
    They flourish in their lives
    Some people understand irritately
    After they've pissed off everyone
    And became an object of despise

    Some understand ten, twenty, thirty
    Years later
    Some never understand
    And resign themselves to be be alone
    And treated by others like
    Some sort of traitor

    It is never too late to be
    What you might have been
    It is easy to give up
    But don't give in

    Use introspection, meditation, prayer
    They will wipe away all they tears
    And bring you farther in years

    You will restore your respect
    You will restore your dignity
    And yet it will be done
    With ease and simplicity
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