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Discussion in 'Travel' started by Huma, Oct 22, 2007.

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    hi everyone

    it's been already one month i come back from india.....

    what i don't like in india:eek

    - heat.........i can't stand it.....during the day i stay in my room with the fan at full speed...hello to the electricity bill....:bang

    _ food...the food is quiete different from london and so the taste..:confused:..i loose always weight there... it drives mad my mum.:shock:

    what i like....
    everybody is friendly.... u know all ur neighbours.... i like going to the temple every fridays with the coconut, bananas for god... i will pray and give some money to the sadhus outside the temple... afterward i will go to my aunty's place for breakfast... i love the idlis she make:thumbsup i like also the evening walk to the beach with my cousin. 8) and the movies... i like going to the theatre to watch new movies...:wave

    how was ur vacation?

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    Hi Huma,
    Nice topic to discuss.
    My vacation to India lasted only 15 days. I went there to get my daughters from India who were spending the whole 2 months after the summer vacation started. They had all the shopping done before I came.
    I am honoured to be Mrs. Chitvish's guest on the Aug. 11th where I met Varloo, Mrs. Cheeniya, Laxmi, Sumanr, Latha sasi, Malathyjagan, Mrs.Pushpavalli and Kripashankari.
    then i visited the temples around and left India on the Aug.15th.
    As you had pointed out the heat is unbearable. But with our parents and relatives, I thought it was cool.

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    Our first trip to India was two years ago and I liked it so much. We did a tour through Rajasthan and we slept in palaces which were so beautiful, I really felt like a Maharani. Most people we met were so nice and sweet and the shopping part I really did not know what I should buy so many sarees and bangles.
    We also went to Agra, the Taj Mahal was beautiful but the city disappointed us, it was polluted. So many tourist are visiting this city wonder why they don't "upgrade" it.

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