Relocation From California To Texas

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    Dear Friends,

    We live in Sunnyvale, California. My husband and I both work in IT here and have 2 kids in 1st and 5th grades. We wanted to buy a home here. But a small condo is also too expensive and we don’t want the monthly EMI to burden us.

    So we are thinking if can move to other state where we can have our own home and good job opportunities and schools and can save some money too. First thing that came to our mind is Texas.

    If any of you have moved from California to Texas, could you please throw some light on -

    • what differences you saw from CA to TX
    • What are the pros and cons living in TX
    • How are the job opportunities?
    • How are the schools?
    • What % of the salary difference you see
    • Approx how much is after school day care
    • Which city is preferable Austin or Dallas and why?
    • How are pollen allergies in Austin or Dallas?
    • Some suggestions on weather too
    • How is the traffic?
    • Anything else that i need to know

    Thank you so much in advance.

    - Kavya

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