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Relation between husband and wife

Discussion in 'Jokes' started by Saideeps, Apr 1, 2010.

  1. Saideeps

    Saideeps Bronze IL'ite

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    Husband wife relationship is most important of all we have in our life. It is crucial for long lasting happiness in our lives. If this relationship is going through bad patch, it may affect our other relationships also.

    Sometimes good and sometimes bad, whatsoever it is, it is necessity of all people. God has created this very beautiful relationship so that his souls love each other and indirectly they love Almighty.
    If there is rift in one such relationship, it is overall hurting for both the partners. Love is necessity of life and particular love from your partner is of utmost importance.

    I would like to pen down few points which convinced me from Book “Men are from Mars, women are from Venus” regarding Husband wife relationship. I was truly amazed by author’s research on this very sensitive relationship. You can relate to most of below given points while you are reading to your own circumstances. Let us first see how there is basic difference as said by author between men and women.
    He says both belong to different planets and so difference in behaviour is bound to happen.

    Once people understand this basic difference, there is going to be end all rifts in husband wife relationship

    Men from Mars are like rubber bands
    This may sound bit odd when I say men are like rubber bands, but which is very true.
    When husband loves his wife, he cannot continue to express to her after certain time limit. When couple start loving each other, husband’s love is at peak. He will do any rounds of action to convince his wife that he loves him.

    But as I said, men are like rubber bands. There is concept called Pulling away which is true in case of most of men. When they start loving their partner, and when they reach peak of that love, there is need for him to pull away. Pulling away does not mean that he is not loving his partner, but just that he needs some space with his wife.

    Pulling away can be in form of talking to friend, watching TV, computers, anything which he prefers to stay away from daily chore activities. Also when he is facing any problem, he goes into his cave and pulls away. He does not share his problem with her wife. Also he does not like to discuss the same with her. Pulling away is trying to forget one problem.

    Author has compared men to rubber bands because, as rubber bands needs to be stretched to largest possible extent so that it again comes to its normal position. Men need to pull away totally. If his wife keeps saying that he does not love him and prevents men from going in to his cave, he may not be able to pull away completely. If this happens he may lose his love for her.

    So all women- if your husband needs some space and does not want to discuss about problem, just let go. He will surely come to you once he is fully stretched as rubber band. Don’t bother him much by again and again discussing same things.

    Women from Venus are like waves

    Contradictory to men, when women face any problem, she just discusses everything that comes to her mind with her husband. What she wants is just listening ear.
    But men do mistake by giving advise and suggestions to her when she is totally frustrated with things.

    When she is one problem, she may not discuss about those things and start discussing about old things which are not all related to present one. It is her way of releasing her tension.

    She is like a wave, if she is having problem, let her burst to all possible extent. When wave crashes across rock, it automatically goes away.

    If she is telling her husband about her frustrations, it may sound to man as if she is blaming him or his family. But in truth, she is just releasing her tension by communication.

    So all men: just listen to your wives when she is in tension. Do not advise or suggest anything. Then she may be able to get to her normal self.

    When does problems occur

    As we saw basic difference between men and women communications and actions, problem occur when both of them expect other to be like them,

    This is just not possible.

    Wife is frustrated, she wants to speak of her problems, but man wants to pull away which adds to their conflict.
    So follow above given tips, and husband wife relationship will be most beautiful of all you have!Using these tips you can be successful couple amongst all others!

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