Reinventing Beauty!

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by anika987, Aug 14, 2022.

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    Losing few pounds and getting fit,stylish clothes and a hairstyle you will rock! Sounds awesome right?

    I gained few pounds in my India trip and want to drop it and joined my gym again.However I feel my style sense is outdated.I wear nice clothes but it isn’t trendy or anything plus am tired of my same hairstyle.I have long hair and layers and few bangs for years!!

    am so bored!

    I really wish I could chop off my hair shorter upto shoulder length or maybe a bit above.My husband is not very fond of short hair. Plus am not not confident to chop off all my long hair.

    I have seen many people compliment women with long hair.Not that it isn’t pretty but for me hair needs to be healthy.It does not matter if it is curly or straight or long or short. I have seen so many women with bob hair or curly hair and they look awesome!

    I just felt by December I want to just reinvent the way I look.Just for a change. So bored of seeing myself in the mirror :D

    How do I convince myself to chop off my long hair?

    Have u guys ever changed the way you look like a “transformation”?

    share your stories if you did..

    just a fun thread.

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    After a while, husbands don't directly care so much about wife's hair style. If a new style makes her happy, then they are happy. : )

    One of my favorite clips from Everybody Loves Raymond is when Debra gets a haircut.

    It will take at most a year to grow back. A year is not too long a time. : )
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    My hair doesn't look the same as it used be. I grows long, but frizzy towards the end, and doesn't look thick or attractive anymore.
    Blame all the stress, hormonal imbalance, frequent change of locations etc..... But that's the reality :(

    So, I've decided to chop it off to shoulder length, and treated it. It looks awesome, and I feel I've become young now.

    Same goes with dressing & all... It is not the body, but how you present your body makes you attractive.

    I no longer look slim or fit as I looked before. This is something at this stage I can't change. So, I've accepted it and started working on the presentation.

    I feel, I look good in kurtis than t-shirts, and wearing a shawl make me look much better these days.

    Just that, ageing gracefully :)
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    From the time I remember I always had long hair and used to tie it in plaits.long means it used to be beyond waist 80% of the times. I used to cut by 15cm at a time and it used to grow back. Because of the length and ease of maintenance I never attempted any hairstyle other than tying in plaits.
    I am in my late 30s now and about 10years ago I was so bored of my long hair that I decided to cut it into layers after shortening length as I had no guts to sport the full short hair. I couldn't even dare side bangs.
    Since then I have cut my hair many times and grown back it to waist. But I have made sure to not to let go beyond waist now. Shortest I have cut is to the shoulder level. Now from past 7years I cut my hair once in 3years and donate the full length. That way I don't feel guilty of cutting as there is a purpose attached to it. everytime I cut I really love the feeling of short hair and enjoy that phase.
    I have seen many ladies sporting very short hair as they grow old and look very chick. I hope someday I will gather courage to cut my hair that short.

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