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Reinvent myself

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by tina, Sep 29, 2005.

  1. Chitvish

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    We must motivate ourselves!

    Dear Friends,
    Do you all think I have come to this thread by mistake instead of my cookery forum? No, my young friends! I just want to share with you how I too went through the process of losing my identity as an individual & started picking up threads, realising that only I have to help myself. In my younger days, I was a brilliant student in College, getting accolades all the way. Marriage completely changed my life! My husband is a person who is referred to as a GEM by everybody right from the day I got married till today. But I wanted him to give me simple pleasures of life. Well, that was not to be. His priority was work, more work &more& more work. My in-laws were extremely traditional, exactly opposite the way I was brought up. But I decided to adjust to my new way of life, however tough it was to me. Both my children came along & suddenly I started feeling I was nobody as an individual. I just started attending whatever classes came my way, right from cookery , batik, tailoring(I went deep into it!), embroidery, fabric painting- there was no class that I missed, given an opportunity. The children grew up & I realised there was pleasure in being your own child’s friend. Then I switched over to “energy classes” like reiki, pranic healing etc. All that opened out a new world to me. I was meeting many people & started analysing myself. As the children were getting ready to fly out of the nest, I realised that I needed not self pity but enjoy my own life the way God has offered me. In the meanwhile I started attending vedanta classes, literally to keep myself mentally occupied. Let me not tell a lie- it was absolute Greek & latin for a few years. But I decided to go through it & never say die. Then the teaching helped me identify the blessings I had in life & what rights did I have to complain about anything in life. I had the freedom to do whatever I ever wanted to do. I started pondering on what I was good at! I had always had the habit of noting down every recipe that I had ever tried in my life. Believe me, I was so scared of going in for a computer till 2004, even though my daughter insisted on my getting one. Now, looking back I realise that I was scared of an intellectual challenge of learning something new in middle age! Well, finally she went ahead & got me one. So to prove “myself to myself” (& then only to the world), I learnt, literally struggled to go about using a computer.

    But I started realising gradually, that a new world was opening up for me. Just for the simple pleasure of it, I posted a recipe to a site. When I got good mails for it, I realised that it was an enjoyable way of keeping myself mentally occupied- whatever it was worth. I also realise that happiness is within onself & it is up to us to discover it & enjoy it. You can never do what X or Y is good at. God has definitely given each one of us some potential – however low, we think of it. It is upto us to identify that & keep ourselves mentally occupied. Just enjoy doing whatever you are doing- don’t bother about the results. Rediscover yourself everyday & you will see that you don’t have to look out for happiness. At this age, to have young friends is such a morale booster! So now, I am enjoying every minute of whatever I am going through without bothering, how long all this will continue. If you go by my motto "the best is yet to be" you really see it happening!
    Love& regards,
  2. Jaya

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    Dear Chitra,

    It was nice reading about you. Even I am going through a very troubled phase and lots of personal problems in my life. I hope that even my bad times will end one day. i really hope that the best is yet to come.

  3. tina

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    What a motivating reply! Thanx a lot!

    Dear Chitvish,
    Such a nice piece of reply. I feel at warmth. Your lines
    "happiness is within onself & it is up to us to discover it & enjoy it" ... does wonders inside my mind. Though Iam matured enough to realize this on my own, sometimes when we feel depressed, our mind refuses to think positive.. But your reply is definitely helping me out to cheer me up. Iam in a lot more better state now than the day did the post.
    Thanks to the encouraging words from all our Indus friends.
    I never thought getting online and catching up with unknown friends would really work.. and this is inspite of me being a core software engineer! :-o

    Probably I was too tied to work and it took a long time for me to realize that I needed a break at times. Wonderful. Iam really charged now. Started to reinvent all my forgotten/hidden skills. Bought a sewing m/c a couple of days back.
    Next in the line is the list of items I wish to prepare for this Deepavali! Just to mention a few...

    Iam sure this deepavali is really going to be refreshing for me!
    - Tina
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  4. shilpamaroli

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    Thanks for such a beautiful message!
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  5. Thyagarajan

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    I grant a like here because, you got me interested in coming here. Response at #11
    Not only written well thought out as you said but also very energetic writing that reader sailing in difficult boat would find a kind of solace and sure to get motivated instead of self pity.

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