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Recent H4-F1 COS stamping experiences

Discussion in 'Immigration Matters' started by Arun_sharma, Nov 19, 2010.

  1. Arun_sharma

    Arun_sharma New IL'ite

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    My wife has planned a trip to India in December to get F1 visa stamped on her passport. She has been studying for past one and a half yr and has been on schol throughout. Initially, she was on H4 visa, but after getting an admit from the Uni, we applied for COS and got her F1 approved by USCIS.

    Reading some scary emails about visa getting rejected and people getting held up back in India....

    If any one else is visiting India for the same purpose or recently had an experience with such a situation, kindly post your experiences. Please do mention if you/spouse have some property in India in your name and if your spouse has applied for green card/I-140/labor.

    I am actually thinking of postponing my trip by another half a year just because of this.


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