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Rebecca - Discussion Questions

Discussion in 'Book Lovers' started by maddie, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. shyamala1234

    shyamala1234 Platinum IL'ite

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    Hi Maddie,

    You also seemed to have like Rebecca very much. This is one of my favourite books. Read long back but remember it quite well.

    1.Rebecca is not a ghost story,We don't see a ghost anywhere in the book, only memories of Rebecca by various people.
    2.Mrs. Danvers is obsessively in love with Rebecca, hence she hates new Mrs. De Winters for having taken her place. We do not see Rebecca anywhere in the book but feel her presence throughout.
    3. Maxim is a confused, depressed, somewhat guilty,...with all these traits he is not able to maintain proper relationship with his new wife. When everything is known to her , then he feels comfortable and finds solace in her company and is one with her.
    4.For any book we cannot say if full justice is done at the end of the book, we can interpret it though. In Rebecca the most important thing in the end is relationship and trust is established between the couple which is a very positive thing. With that confidence they can face any problem.
    5.Manderley is very dear to Maxim as a family heirloom...the writer has presented it suitable to the plot of the novel. Only to maintain Manderley he tolerated many of Rebecca's doings.
    6.It is Gothic literature, no doubt. It has mystery, romance, thrill, some vagueness and suspense.
    7.Jack Favell and Rebecca have an affair between them and that is the foundation for bad relationship between Max and Rebecca.
    8.Maxim is in a very confused state when he meets present Mrs. De Winters (her name is not mentioned anywhere), finds a kind of freshness in her and feels that he would be happy with her...mixed feeling of pity and love for the young girl.
    9.In many books which are written in one first person they don't mention the name...I can see that is the reason.
    10.May be some electra complex is there. Mrs. De Winters wants to come out of the clutches and suffocation of living with Mrs. Homer (I forgot her name, is it right?) and likes Maxim for her comapssionate and friendly nature and agrees immediately, though he is much older to her.Girls in such a situation think...if this is not the option what else?Stay with Mrs. Homer...which is very difficult.

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