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Discussion in 'Birthday' started by shantisubra, Nov 25, 2007.

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    hi friends

    I have nt posted any message for quite sometime now. I am a new ILite and just was browsing earlier posts, stories, reply stories etc. etc. which made reading the mails very interesting.

    I feel sad that why I didnt come across this forum before? I am member of various e-yahoo groups, but never knew about this. The day I got a link from an ILite, I enrolled.

    I understood from the posting that ILite Varloti is a nick name of Mr. Sridhar. His writings are very nice, flawless and the selection of topic is very unusual and thinkable. I thought ILite is a forum for Indian Ladies World-Wide. Also wondered how a male member has enrolled........... though not against!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How many more male members are there here? Varloti, your name is very familiar to me. Do you write short stories in any tamil magazines? The old story of Vidya (Love letter which I read yesterday only) is a real story of somebody or it is an imagination? I dont think it can be an imagination. It was so touching. Sorry for posting comments on a subject that was discussed more than a year ago. (No negative markings ple...........ase).

    I am confused how to check mails on daily basis. The link that I get in my email, is always related to recipes!!!!!!!!!! Do members post any other mails, then where to read them or nobody posts??????????

    When you open the web homepage, where should I hit to check the new postings. Many threads are running into pages and I find no time to read them all.

    BTW, should we add Elaichi or not in Poriurundai?

    Thank you all and wish you a Very Happy Karthigai. God Bless you all and your families

    Warm Regards
    Shanti Subramanian

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