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Re: Astrological predictions

Discussion in 'Astrology Numerology & More!' started by LekshmiG, May 29, 2015.

  1. LekshmiG

    LekshmiG New IL'ite

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    Dear Guruji,

    Me and my husband are facing lots of challenges for making a living. We have money problems, no hapiness in family. Husband is having business so to run it efficiently we need money. he is not getting any profit from the business. My case, i am also having a job, but i dont like it. I like to become a bank officer. Also we are trying for a baby since so many months, till now we are not blessed with a baby. Guruji, please help us. One of our distant relative has done black magic on us. Is it so we cant get all good deeds? Can we get better opportunities? When will we have a baby and for me, a better job? My and my husband's details have been enclosed here. Please help us Guruji.

    Dob : 30/8/1989
    Pob: Abu dhabi, UAE
    Tob: 3.25 pm (Abu dhabi time)

    Dob : 7/9/1988
    Pob: Trivandrum
    Tob : 9 am

    Please help us guruji, hardly waiting for your valuable response.

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