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RAGLAN BLOUSE Marking and cutting

Discussion in 'Sewing & Stitching' started by ashokhema, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. ashokhema

    ashokhema Silver IL'ite

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    Attached Raglan Blouse marking and cutting.
    Many members are sharing their knowledge, experience depending upon capacity and limitation. Thanks for their selfless help.
    We are tailoring cutting through Sketches and Description. Some are good in sketching some average.
    When we make pattern or mark on cloth we have co-relate Sketches and Description. It is little tedious. We have shuttle many times between sketch and description portion. There is language problem in understanding.
    To avoid this problem I have drawn pattern in AUTOCAD with 1:1 scale. It does not need any description. We can take print on A4 sheet for Rs. 1 or 2 only. These are converted into PDF or BMP files.
    Like Music, there is no language (Foreign or Indian) barrier for engineering Drawing.
    I am also new to tailoring. I have drawn referring books and internet. Many dimension depend on chest width. Its proportion mentioned next to dimension

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  2. dhemalatha

    dhemalatha New IL'ite

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    Thanks a lot. Please I want your help for boat neck blouse. Only neck portion draft i need. I .am waiting .

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