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    Gracious ladies,

    R.K.Laxman's cartoons with satirical humour is world famous. I have lived in Mumbai with daily dosage of his cartoons. Here, in the attached file you can find my collection of some of his cartoons. The two cartoons which I have enjoyed very much are not there. But, I give the gist of them.

    Cartoon 1: Near the gate of a college two students are standing with books in their hands and their conversation goes like this.

    student1: Do you know, copying in exams has been legalised?
    student2: So what? It is only for those who can read and write.

    Cartoon 2: There was severe draught in Maharshtra and Govt. had announced releief to the affected. The cartoon shows aan old man who is not able to walk and is crawling on all fours with a stick. A Govt. officer gets down from a jeep and tells him,' Don't worry. Govt. has sanctioned relief for you. All you have to do is to fill these forms in triplicate and get it signed by a gazetted officer preferably a magistrate'.

    Here is a sample cartoon.
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    Dear Tamil
    Laxman is a treasure ! Times of India is not half as interesting ,without him. Y'kno, once they tried to redesign the format and placed "You said it" in the third page. But such hue and cry was raised by the readers that the little fellow came back to the front page!
    BTW, Common Man has also become the logo for Deccan Airlines whose credo is "Simpli -fly" , affordable air travel for the common man.

    I also like R.K.Laxman's famous Crow portraits. So realistic, with each crow having a personality of its own !

    Thanx for bringing Common man here !

  3. Hey Tamil,

    I really enjoy reading these cartoons, but I can't seem to find the attachment you spoke of in your post. Could you please re-attach it.

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    Can anyone tell me where can i find R.K.Laxman paintings?


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