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Questions Regarding Shravan Month Fast And Solah Somwar.

Discussion in 'Festivals, Functions & Rituals' started by sneha1985, Jul 25, 2016.

  1. sneha1985

    sneha1985 Gold IL'ite

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    Till now I used to do just Shravan somwar. I want to do solah somwar and have been reading about it and it's benefits. However I have some questions to clarify and this is what I will be doing this year:
    - Doing solah somwar starting from shravan (which starts from Aug 3 for us)
    - Entire shravan month fast with one-time meal except on Monday's where I won't be having that one complete meal since I want to include it in my Shravan somwar.

    Questions regarding solah somwar:
    - What to do if I get into periods during the somwar fast? Do I still fast that day and then instead of 16 have to do 17 or add up how many times I got into period on somwar?
    - About prasad and pooja - I am living alone in US and don't have a puja house of Shivaji's idol or picture at home. Also we don't have very good Indian grocery store around where I can buy all puja items. For prasad, I don't have anyone I can share it with (my office people believe in super hygenic and doesn't eat if anyone cooks it at home). So for solah somwar all I can do is, get clean and ready in morning, cook prasad, offer it to other God idols at home, have it myself, go to work, visit small hindu temple nearby and offer milk and fruits for God, fast for the entire day (without salt) and read katha at end of day. Is this ok or do I need to do special puja too for getting the benefits?

    How do you all working and single/alone women do this fast?

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