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Query regarding the qualification neede to become a lecturer in USA

Discussion in 'Education & Personal Growth' started by namitaa7378, May 1, 2010.

  1. namitaa7378

    namitaa7378 New IL'ite

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    This is Namita Jha from Valsad (Gujarat) and found the IL searching for the query i am discussing here.
    I am a post graduate in Industrial Biotechnology and had qualified NET twice which is necessary to teach at university level in India. I had a job offer too from a college of Gujarat for the post of lecturer, that most probably i will join in June this year.
    I am engaged and will be getting married in December this year. My fiance lives in Philadelphia (USA) and on the visa he is there does not allow his spouse to work there.

    So,there are some querie i have listed-
    1. What is the procedure to find a job there and process visa for the same?
    2. I am more interested in lecturership. Am i qualified to become a lecturer there? if not what qualification is needed?
    3. I had comlpeted MSc in 2009 and was at home this year...so a fresher. Apart from lecturership what kind of job I can get there in the field of Biotechnology?

    Hope I will get answer to some of my questions..

    Namita :)

  2. GiJoe

    GiJoe Silver IL'ite

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    Welcome to IL, I am assuming you will be on H4 when you get married, H4 visa will not allow you to work in USA. Since you are a fresher you can join as a teaching assistant Teaching assistant - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia and then someday you can become a professor. Another option is to do research. Most of the universities will be exempt from the H1B quota so you can get a H1B visa if you can prove your skills and get a job.

    This is what I will do if I where you.

    1. Find out all the universities, colleges and other educational institutions close to where your fiancé lives (start doing that now)
    2. Check the web site and get the contacts of professors that are related to your field.
    3. Make an appointment and meet with them and explain to them your interests.
    4. Let them know that you need sponsorship of H1B.
    5. Let them know if you are interested in research.

    Good luck.

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