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Pumping Breast Milk

Discussion in 'Breast Feeding' started by suvashree, Jan 7, 2008.

  1. suvashree

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    I have a questoion for all the women here who had to go back to work while still breast feeding their baby and used a Breast Pump.

    My baby will be 3 and 1/2 months old when ijoin back and i want to keep her on ONLY breast milk for first 6 months and i want all the help you guys can give me.

    1. how often can one pump one's breast in 24 hours?
    2. is it possible to extract close to 300 / 450 ml of milk through 2/3 pumping sessions everyday so that it suffices for 3 feeds in the mother's absence?
    3. if the baby doesnt finish all the milk in one bottle at one time, can the baby use the same bottle for the remaining milk a second time?
    4. how much time does the breast take to replenish milk supply for a feed? i.e. if i feed at 1pm and pump at 2 pm, will there be sufficient milk for a feed at 3 pm?
    5. is it better to give the milk through a spoon or should i get baby on to a bottle?
    6. I have 20 days to join back work, how soon should i get the baby used to taking expressed milk? Baby will be 3 months old in another week, should i wait for that long or longer?
    7. what eslse should i prepare for? should i buy a dummy / pacifier just in case of emergency? i.e. baby howling and mother not around?
    8. Any Tips on going back to work with baby at home??

    it wil be very helpful if you could answer my queries question wise.


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