Psychological Disturbance My Mother Is Facing

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    Hi ,

    I'm not sure if this is thr right forum to discuss this. But I need some help badly to make my and my parents life better. Long story short I would like to give you some idea and background of the issue.

    I'm the only child and there is an age gap of 10 years among my parents. My mother I alwsys Possisive of me and dad. She never liked my friends, She never allowed anyone In our life. My dad was not allowed to talk to any woman at office. She will create a big fuss and drama at home. My dad and mom hate each other and now they are in 70s and 60s. He problem is .. I'm married and whenever I come to visit them my mom alwsys complains about my dad. My dad has shown his anger irritation I the past and She keeps saying your dad is bad. He is the worst. He is a womanizer stuff. Now She poizons my son also saying grandfather is a bad person .

    I'm getting frustrated as She non stop complaints and brings all old incidents again and again. I keep shouting but she doesn't stop complaining. She is talking to herself most of the time about my dad and keeps convincing herself he is bad.

    This is ruining all our family peace. What should I do to make my mom normal. I sit with her listen to her. Talk to her. But she doesn't change.

    Pls help.


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