Psychiatrist info needed in Dallas area

Discussion in 'Indians in Dallas' started by shobhna, May 14, 2009.

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    hi ladies,

    my name is shobhna i just joined IL. actually i want to consult about my frd she is married and wants a baby but she is very afraid coz some time ago she had anxity and depression and taking medicine but now she is fine. she is doing meditation but still she is very afraid, she thinks if she will be pregnant anxity will be back and she has to take medicine. even she is afraid from nausea.

    Should she consult a psychaiatrist if yes then which dr. i heared that some psychaiatrist know hypnotism threpy. because i think this threapy can help her lot .does anyone know about this hipnotism can we believe on psychaiatrist. if yes so pls give me suggestions and tell me if any one know good psychaiatrist in dallas area. pls help her

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