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Problem with In Laws and Husband Influenced..Please suggest what to do

Discussion in 'Relationship With In-Laws' started by sonalie, Nov 21, 2007.

  1. sonalie

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    I feel like I am trapped in a Double Jeopardy from last 4 years and can not seems to find a way out.
    I am a North Indian but studied in an engineering college in Maharashtra small town and then have mostly worked in hyderabad and bangalore.

    My husband was my classmate and hails from different community than me. I got married seven years back in 2000.

    seven and four years of marriage, so you can say that i have not been to my birth place for longer than 2 months a year ( from 1996 till date).

    My parents and his parents had reservation with marriage but it got settled after seeing us happy. we both lived alone, his parents visited often but my parents and one younger brother never came because of distance and their business.

    My brother married in 2003, as i was pregnant, i could not even go to marriage. infact as i was not very favorite of brother because of marrying a different community person, my husband, my brother never discussed his marriage or choice of girl.

    my brother left for usa 2 months after marriage for his job. his wife stayed back for visa as usa job posting was sudden and big jump in salary. i visited my parents place and lived with my parents and brothers wife for a week.

    my parents were thrilled to see me and lovely son, one month old so they devoted time to me. i was very co ordial with new bride but somehow, she felt jealous as everyone in the house was so thrilled to see me come home after 2 years or so and with a lovely baby, that was in 2002.

    my brothers wife left for usa one week of living with me in july 2002 and i came back to bangalore in august 2002.

    Suddenly in february 2003, police came to our house in bangalore and told me and my husband to pack bags as we both were getting arrested under dowry act and we both have troubled my brother wife for dowry.

    my six month son was with me and i had just joined office. i tried to call my parents but came to know that they both have already been arrested with my maasi and my cousin sister and her husband, who used to live 5 houses away from us.

    in hurry, i could not even pack my bags and we were kept in jail with my son from friday to monday morning. my son got cold coming from south india to north india winter. we told police that i havent even met my brother wife for more than a week and my husband has not even met her, he just attended marriage for 4 hours and then came back.

    when we got bail, our case in court continues from last four years.
    my brother and his wife had some fight over some issues while they were in usa and his wife filed dowry harassment 498a case against all of us to extort money from my brother.

    first i fought with my brother why he put my family through such dastardly law where innocents are arrested without proof or absurd allegation. but now i see his situation and i feel pity for him. he says he never asked for dowry of 70,000 rupees as he was earning 200,000 or more per month.
    but police and court take ages to solve this case.

    cases are still on and we have to visit every one month, it has been four years.

    and now my mother is very sick but she is portrayed as villain by my brother ex wife and my father is very sick from fighting court cases.

    my brother cannot leave india and even me and my husband are barred from leaving india without court permission though we keep on getting good offers from usa.

    now these court cases and frustation of innocence is causing problem and fights between us. we make up soon but every time, there is court date, house gets tensed up and some time my mother in laws appears cold to me and i feel so lonely.

    i went to national commission for woman, they said we cannot do anything as i am a criminal in their eye.

    am i not a woman.
    what should i do.

  2. scr665

    scr665 Guest

    Welcome to the club of criminals.

    Pl join save indian family. You are not alone. Keep your heart and morale high.

    NCW = National Commission of Wives,

    Pl demand formation of National Commission of Sisters, National Commission of Mothers.

    NCW, Ministry of Wife and several others women groups, are headed by divorcees, unmarried, flirt character ladies. They take bliss in breaking the happy families, you can see in your case itself. You can see in all the soap opera's running on TV's.
    They want to have free sex, free money, where a real women like you had to suffer.
    Earlier they were branded as ***********, now they sit in the positions of power to the turn the whole society in .... IN last ten years, divorce rate in India is touching 75% +.
    Minor issues are landing in the court.

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