Previous Employee Has Not Returned Original Documents After Resignation

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    I was working in a school in bangalore that I joined just 9 months back, where I was still on a probation period(According to their agreement probation period is one year). In that organization, all staff, principal, and director were women. Only 4 or 5 staffs were male. Since a new director (Male) joined the school working environment was very stressful. Some of the examples of why I resigned from my job are:-
    1. Extended working hours/changing of reporting person/Restricting staff to have any communication with other staff/not letting us do our work independently/No proper lunch hours/restricting employees to move from their place and so on which started after joining of new director without any written notice or proper verbal communication about new rules and regulation.
    2. No overtime or extra holiday if we worked on holidays or Sundays.
    3. Verbally abusing and shouting at staff in front of others in an unprofessional manner.
    4. Targeting staff who gives resignation.
    5. Keeping spies

    Because of all these reasons, I gave resignation and not only me around 17 other staff gave resignation within the period of two months. I gave my registration via email mentioning about his bad behavior towards employees (Other two colleagues also mentioned the same) I have not received any reply to my email.
    They called me into the closed room and told me verbally that my resignation is accepted and I should refrain from coming to school from the very next day and I will be called for document formalities. It's been 20 days since I have not received any update from their side. Not only me but other staff has also not received their documents.

    All the staff documents and kept in the car of the Lady director in some folder which is very unprofessional.

    *How to get our documents?

    *My kids are in the same school. They give staff discounts so I joined my kids there but because of the working environment, very fewer teachers are there, which is impacting my kid's education.

    * Does the discount which was sanctioned earlier while I was working there. Will it be terminated after I resign?

    kindly guide me

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