Presence Of Mind & Guilty Pleasure

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    :hello: Presence of Mind & Guilty Pleasure :hello:

    Sister & I were studying, While I was busy with Physics, she was studying finance.

    Suddenly my dad entered the room. At that instant, my sister was screaming the words, “WHO and IMF.”
    Dad asked my sister, “What is IMF.”
    “International Monetary Fund.” She replied.
    “I'm not asking the expanded form. Explain it's functioning, as you're learning this right now.”
    “Not at all. I'm not learning this. I'm studying something else and it was just an example. Only the word IMF. It's explanation is not given.”

    But Dad said, “These are simple general knowledge questions. Even a kid of 12 knows” pointing to me, he said- “You explain What's IMF.”

    Now I was in a dilemma. I too didn't know a thing about IMF. But I've a reputation to maintain; and so I thought,
    Dad is asking for guilty pleasure. He too doesn't know anything about IMF.
    Dad's English is not that good even. My sister loves me and I'm her only support. So she'll not interrupt if I do any trick.

    I began answering dad - IMF is an international organisation of repute. Like IUPAC is for chemistry… Benzene got its name there too. It's an aromatic compound which is provided at a cheaper rate, also economically sustainable product. But at the same time, electricity is important. Financing electricity is tough work to do, especially when eccentricity of parabola is 1. But it never means parabolic shape will sustain forever. Some figures of fluid mechanics are paraboloidal in nature too. It's IMF's job to keep it this way, otherwise WHO will make it octahedral. And thus chances of loosing aromaticity comes into play.

    IMF is really important by the way.
    Then with satisfaction writ large on his face, said to sister
    Seekho kuch apne bhaiya see. Science ka hokr commerce jaanta hai, aur tmse ek subject nahi sambhal rha. Kro time pass.

    (Learn something from your brother. He is a science student with an excellent knowledge of commerce. And you're not good in your subject too. Keep wasting your time and energy. )

    (Adapted from Tamil magazine)
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