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preschool information in bay area.

Discussion in 'New to Bay Area' started by khushipoise, Dec 17, 2012.

  1. khushipoise

    khushipoise Senior IL'ite

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    Hello friends,

    im going to start medical school in Pacific heights, SF bay area from next year.
    i have a 2.5 year old for whom i looking for preschool information. she will be three plus by sept 2013. In general can anyone please guide me as to how do the SF bay areas schools work? are schools in pacific heights( near downtown) good and easy to get into?
    is it better to look for schools in other areas like fremont, cupertino which are good school areas and have indian community as well?

    i dont mind travelling to school( 20-30 mins) but need areas with good schools and good daycare/ nanny services especially with Indian community.
    im really stressed with all these issues, any clarity on the school areas near pacific heights would really help me.

    thanks so much.

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