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Pregnant Mothers

Discussion in 'Pregnancy & Labor' started by mathangikkumar, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. mathangikkumar

    mathangikkumar Platinum IL'ite

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    This is just what I observed recently.

    Pregnancy is such a proud status for women, as it is believed that a woman is complete when she gives birth to a child.

    But my heart bleeds when I see some pregnant ladies' do not bother attitude'.
    This is regarding the way they dress up causing pain to the baby.

    One lady in her thirties was wearing a tight tee shirt and half pant with no dupatta or odni or shawl to cover her bump, during the early morning walk. She must be in her 6 th or 7 th month pregnancy, so casual was her look and I felt bad for the baby. Frankly speaking it is better to wear loose fitting dresses at the time of pregnancy so that the mother and baby feel comfortable.

    Such a proud time is taken so casual that even if she boards a bus would anyone give her a seat is doubtful. I know many of my friends will be up in arms against me for this comment. I only talk about her tight dress, a mother should be happy and delighted to be carrying a child in her womb!

    Today it's a woman who is in her forties, so casual with a thin tee shirt and a tight leggies with no dupatta or shawl to drape her tummy, walking so fast. It is not a wrong guess she is indeed pregnant.

    The main purpose of covering the tummy by pregnant ladies is to protect the tummy from any direct impact as well people should not' cast their evil eye 'on the size of the tummy. All do not have small or big tummies, it depends on each individual. Also since the breasts start developing to facilitate breast feeds , the size may change and again to keep out of 'eyes' the chest to tummy is covered.

    I welcome I Lites to open the discussion in this regard.


  2. Rakhii

    Rakhii Moderator IL Hall of Fame

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    I live in North America and here everyday I have to come to work. Since wearing dupatta over work cloths is not an option for me, I bought a few maternity cloths. The trousers have stretching material which covers my tummy well and the trouser itself does not have any zip or buttons. So this fits perfectly for my tummy.
    I also bought a few maternity shirts to go with them. If you look at them, at the first glance they look like regular fitting cloths, but they are not.

    Giving the benefit of doubt, it is possible that the women you have seen were also wearing good maternity cloths but it looked like they were wearing tight cloths? Since you have seen them in morning walk, perhaps her doctor has suggested it? Not sure ma, just guessing and giving benefit of doubt because the ladies seem to care enough to go to walk regularly.
  3. lotusgirl

    lotusgirl Senior IL'ite

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    mathangi ma'am,
    please dont be so judgemental about people you dont know at all.. you saw them passing by and as Rakhi said, they might be as well wearing maternity clothes.
    trust me, no dupatta is going to reduce the impact of anybody hitting...
    People should be allowed to wear what is comfortable for them and not what others think is right for those people.. if what you said is so true then i guess any mum to be proudly walking with her bump doesnt care for her unborn kid?
    times have changed and lifestyles too.. there is no proof that its only loose fitting clothes thats good during pregnancies.. then i guess maternity clothes all over the world have got it all wrong??
    Even sarees/blouse are worn as usual while pregnant..
    and why this huge hungama about covering up? a kameez without a duppata is still more covering than a Saree which flaunts the midriff.. oh and covering up breasts in many parts of India also happened only in the last century...

    So my request to all would be, let a pregnant woman be.. its summer & that means extra warmth for a pregnant woman.. so if she feels herself being able to function better in a light t shirt, let her please ...

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