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    Once the devil community was invited for a buffet lunch party. As they entered they smelled the entire house with the aroma of the delicious mouth-watering food. The table was placed with many delicious dishes. The food was offered to them with a condition attached that they can enjoy as much food as they want but eat it without bending the hand. Their both hands were placed in temporary plaster. The aroma filled in their nostrils, mouth was watering but they couldn’t eat! One of them took a piece thrown up in the air and tried to catch it in the mouth. Hi, it fell down! Again and again he tried. Many followed him with little or no luck. Finally they have to leave hungry and irritated.

    The deities were invited after this group. The big dinning hall was cleansed. The dinning table was fully decorated and nice dishes were placed on it. The same condition was announced. They entered with hands in plaster. Puzzled. Finally one of them picked a piece of food and put it in the mouth of the deity friend opposite to him. Everyone fed the deity sitting opposite to each other. They relished the delicacy of the food and left the place fully content and happy after thanking the host.

    Essence of the story co-operation helps to get rid off selfishness, develops unity, achieves success, leaves every one happy and content.

    Co-operation is most essential ingredient for teamwork and success.

    In soccer when the goal is done everyone remembers and praises the one who had scored the goal, no one even remembers the person who passed the ball to him which was then converted into a goal. That is precisely the teamwork!

    Play your part accurately and forget the euphoria of name and fame. Do not claim, blame or boast! Be Humble! HUMILITY!

    Success is one thing. To deal it with boasting/pride is another thing. To deal it with humility creates a great impact!

    Sachin Tendulkar is the loved by a billion people at least and the way he deals his success makes him an (international) idol. There may be quite a few people you must have come across in your life who have influenced your life by their humility.

    “The dictionary defines humility as modesty, lacking pretence, not believing that you are superior to others. An ancillary definition includes: "Having a lowly opinion of oneself, meekness". Such people direct their ego away from themselves to the larger goal of leading their company to greatness. These leaders are a complex, paradoxical mix of intense professional will and extreme personal humility. They will create superb results but shun public adulation, and are never boastful. They are described as modest. An example of such a leader who epitomized humility is David Packard, the co-founder of Hewlett-Packard, who, in Jim Collins' words, defined himself as a HP man first and a CEO second. He was a man of the people, practicing management by walking around. Shunning all manner of publicity, Packard is quoted as saying: "You shouldn't gloat about anything you've done; you ought to keep going and find something better to do."

    Another great leader is Patrick Daniel, CEO of North American energy and pipeline company Enbridge, who espouses two leadership attributes: determination to create results and humility, shifting the focus away from him and continually recognizing the contributions of others. "I have learned through the lives of great leaders," he said, "that greatness comes from humility and being at times, self-effacing."

    Humility is not weakness, but it is a source of their strength. Humility is all about maintaining our pride about who we are, about our specialties, talents, skills, about our worth - but without arrogance – i.e. to be in the state of self-respect. It's about being content to let others discover the layers of our talents without having to boast about them. It's a lack of arrogance, not a lack of aggressiveness in the pursuit of achievement.

    The more successful they are the more humble they become. The success never goes in their head.

    They praise generously the team-mates for the success, share the honors. The one who is humble is open to learn from others and get enlightened. He treats everyone with respect regardless of position. He is a great motivator.”*
    *’Humility The Most Beautiful Word in the English Language’ By Bruna Martinuzzi
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