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    1. So far 8 PMs (Nehru, LB Shastri, Indira Gandhi, Charan Singh, Rajiv Gandhi, VP Singh, Chandra Shekhar, AB Vajpeyee) have all come from UP. WHY they could not develop it since independance ?

    2. HOW come so called 'communal' CM of Gujrat has been able to achieve highest rate of growth in the country within a span of 5/6 years but not the 'secular' CMs of UP/Bihar who ruled for more than 15/16 years ?

    3. UP/Bihar are amongst richest states in terms of natural resources.
    WHY then TATAs, or any other industrialists not keen on setting up large industries there, even though labour is also cheaply availble ?

    4. Amar Singh of Samajwadi Party always accompanies top celebrities / industrialists, prominents being Anil Ambani.
    WHY he could not convince them to invest in his state ? Only Anil Ambani is investing something...but that's because he's promissed free land.

    5. Its a fact that maximum number of Babus (IAS/IPS etc officers) come from UP/Bihar.
    WHY then these states still remain backward ? Because they and thier Netas dont want to uplift their backward state so as to rule indiscriminately.

    6. Bihar CM Nitish Kumar claims that North Indians contributed to the development of Mumbai.
    WHY they do not contribute for their own state's development ?
    Why are Patna / Dhanbad the shabbiest cities in the world ? (Mumbai may join them soon)

    7. 36 north indians were burnt alive in Assam. WHERE were Sanjay Nirupam, Abu Azmi, Mulayam, Amarsingh, Laloo, Nitish Kumar at that time ?

    8. Bihar had maximum number of railway ministers. (Most IMP point)
    WHY then their recruitment is done from Mumbai ?

    9. Its a fact that where there's money/oppourtunity, people from different geo/demography rush-in to make fortunes. Mumbai is one such city. Gujratis, Marwaris, South Indians, Bengalis, Punjabis, Sindhis flocked to Mumbai for obvious reasons. Majority of these communities got into skilled, professional, business areas and propspered, contributing to Mumbai's success. However, most of the North Indians resort to and take pride in doing unskilled/unlawfull cheap labour such as illegal hawking by occupying every nook & corner of every footpath, station areas as vegetable/fruit/sing-chana/bhel-pani puri vendors, or auto/taxi wallas without licenses. They bribe local authorities and make life of common people miserable due to congesions and rubbish. They are ruining the tax payer's money. Ofcourse not to mention about illegal slums.
    It is absurd to say that they contributed to Mumbai's development. If anything, they are retarding/deteriorating Mumbai. CAN our great leaders dare say that Middle-east countries especially Dubai got developed due to labourers from India ?

    10. Its not sons-of-soil v/s north-indians. Its good-sons-of-any-soil v/s bhaiyaas.
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