Points To Blender Or & Blunder

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    :hello:Points to Blender or & Blunder

    1. When you say a, e, i, o, u your mouth gets smaller with each vowel you say !

    2. You don't really wash your hands-they wash each other while you stand there and watch...

    3. Things are not on fire, fire is on things.
    4. When you say Forward or Backward.. your lips move in those directions !
    5. The word Australia has three A's.. all of which look the same, but are... pronounced differently.
    6. If You rip a hole in a net, there are actually fewer holes in it than before.
    7. The sentence "All the faith he had, had had, had no effect on the outcome of his life."... is it actually correct? (getting too much)

    8. Sometimes you have to sing the whole alphabet in your head.. just to find the next letter.

    9. “Dammit I'm Mad " backwards is still "Dammit I'm Mad". (and that's the condition one almost reaches after reading this )

    10. Nothing is behind our Back. it is always in front of our back.

    11. Most of the time the people who tell one to calm down are the same people that made he or she angry in the first place.

    12.Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia is not fun to say, but ironically, this is supposed to be the medical term for the fear of long words .
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