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Please share a day's schedule with two kids USbased moms

Discussion in 'General Discussions - USA & Canada' started by happywoman, Mar 18, 2008.

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    Hello everyone,

    Im curious to know a day's schedule of a full time mom(homemaker) with 2 kids in USA. In India with domestic help and other family members help, it is manageable but how does a woman manage her entire day's schedule with 2 kids like one kid leaving around 8am to full time school and another stay at home toddler.

    I need help in these specific areas as my family is soon moving to States.

    1. At what time to get up? Easy ways of cooking ----breakfast,lunch,dinner. What are the food items (Indian) that we can stock up as snacks or munchies.Also required lunch box ideas for my 7yr old kid.

    2.Afternoon time activities for mom as well as the toddler. Do we have to prepare for the dinner fresh evryday or how?

    3. After school activities for kids apart from kumon. The source of recreation especially in winter. Coming from India will my child find it difficult to adjust indoors in winter.

    4.What is the time when you can spare for browsing internet,cutting vegetables,laundry,ironing etc

    5.If i opt for a part time job what would be the ideal time to opt....is it better to opt for fixed timings like 8 to 12 or should it be flexible.

    Any other useful tips please share with me as i can equip myself beforehand
    thanks in advance

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