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Discussion in 'Working Women' started by Caughtinbetween, Oct 27, 2018.

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    hi all

    just getting very stressed out off late with too many things happening. cant think clearly with respect to all the issues . need your suggestions again.

    1: with uncertainity regarding h4ead how to plan continued employment.
    i must keep my job. i am not sure how things work with canadian work permit but i want to find out if i can explore that option.(H is fine with this option if i get one).
    i am not sure what other places i can try for or what other options i have . not too hopeful about h1 with all the new proposed rules.

    2: in the last few months i completed CCNA and very recently cloud practioner and Associate Solution architect certification done.
    i am trying to find some small projects on but so far didnt get any success.
    to get promoted to next levels from my current level within the company is a very long journey (i might run short of time with work permit issues) .
    And only after i reach the next level , it would be possible for me to get transferred laterally . during informationals and informal discreet interviews , a lot of opportunities are slipping off due to this ,
    one such incident happened today morning

    3.College Degrees for Adults at Thomas Edison State University someone referred this place ...its a university for working adults . while continuing to work at the company , i can pursue courses which company pays for partially .
    i used this option to take classes for ccna this year. i am being told that i can go to this univ , get my degrees evaluated and give exams for more credits .
    what are some continuing education degrees that i could take which i can finish within an year . doing this i will get a U.S degree will it help me?
    there are quite a lot of roles that open up while you are enrolled as a current student that i can apply within my company ...
    besides it can buy me some time on opt while i figure out further options ? i have about 2.5 years of ead validity at present but we know of the unsurity
    do you know of any such or better universities i can reach out to

    4: my work schedule changed and now i work long hours for four days and get three days off out of which two are weekdays and one weekend.
    this schedule will stay for a while now. so baby will be with me for three days but i will squeeze time for studies and also whenever i need to go attend the classes i can leave the baby at the day care .

    i am unable to think clearly as to how to proceed ...look forward to hear from you all to get some clarity.

    not sure where to post this so posting here ...please move it as appropriate

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