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please advice

Discussion in 'Astrology Numerology & More!' started by mahesh2020, May 27, 2010.

  1. mahesh2020

    mahesh2020 New IL'ite

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    respected sir,

    Iam Mahesh..joined this group recently..iam very much frustrated with my life..due to whatever i had to face in my life for past 4-5 years..it had been a very rough phase...things had happened in my life..which i had never predicted..i dont know whether to call it destiny..or what...

    ..regarding my career
    i have completed my MBA..and working in sales ..but iam not
    getting the due benefits and not satisfied with what iam doing ..lot of instability..break in job..

    i sincerely wants to get out of current nature of my job..iam planning for civil
    services ....i just wanted to know whether i have a chance..this question may be absurd because i always believe that man is the creator of his destiny..but as i mentioned before..my terrible experiences had started making me believe in destiny,luck etc..

    my question is sir,does my horoscope show any such indication..provided i give my best(we all know its when our efforts and our luck combine that our aspiration gets fulfilled)..i just wanted to know if there is any luck favouring me for this..

    my birth details are

    DOB:04 JAN 81

    ...please please do reply for this..it would be really great...eagerly waiting
    for your reply....

  2. anukarsha

    anukarsha Gold IL'ite

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    Hi Mahesh! i understand the pain you are going through. Inspite of putting sincere efforts, sometimes we may not get desired results. This sometimes happens because we put in lot many efforts but they are not concentrated enough to get desired results and sometimes our stars do play an important role in carving our career path. I am studying astrology. It has given me an overview to understand a bit of our life path but I find it too immature on my part to predict something for you. Though I’ll try my best to derive something from the details given by you.
    I suggest you please show your horoscope to some good astrologer. By ‘good’ I mean the one with good capacity to predict and should be a learned one and not the one with only name and fame and charging a Hefty fee.
    Understand one thing that our life graph is a mix of our past and present deeds. We can’t change our past but can take care of our present thus making a good future. Even stars favor those who live a pious life. Please go and consult a good astrologer and at the same time introspect if there is something amiss in your personality, approach, sincerity, honesty and efforts you put in to achieve your goals in life.
    Wish you all the best! Regs-anuJ

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