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Please Advice..

Discussion in 'Married Life' started by meenasaraa, Feb 6, 2010.

  1. meenasaraa

    meenasaraa New IL'ite

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    Hi ,

    I got married 2 yrs before..and if i think of my past 2 yrs... nothings comes to my mind..Thats my problem , i concentrated on my work more than my family.For the past 8 months , we are apart and next month, i'm planning to join my hubby.

    He is very kind to me..i can say that i'm lucky to have such a person in my life.

    But he doesnt say whatever he expects from me..He is not transparent in that.He never says what he wants from me. so i keep on asking him questions for which he gets irritated and finally i will cry.

    for eg: If i wear a saree , other than him , everyone will comment on the same. He has not said something good like atleast i like u till date.. but i know , he loves me a lot. I wanted to hear from him , but i got failed in that also.He has shown his love little bit before marriage and nothing after that.

    We dont disuss anything regarding love making.Its like a time table schedule only 1 day in weekend.We both are like friends at home though we both stayed alone more than 1 year.i couldnt be a initiative because i dont know things.

    I wish to be a good wife when i join him next month.Pls help me.


  2. mithy232

    mithy232 Silver IL'ite

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    So he is interested in you and takes good care of you. Just understand, few men are very bad in expressing their love. May be your dh falls into that category.

    Don't question him. You express your love to him.

    Few things to do:
    Constantly say "I love you" Keep telling him your likes and dislikes. He may understand that the same thing is expected from him.
    Gift him books talking about Relationships [Dr.John Gray's books really helps]
    Appreciate him honestly. Men love it!
    Don't cry. Remember your smile will bring him closer to you :)

    There is nothing wrong if you initiate. Don't push him hard but slowly slowly your friendship will blossom into love.

    Good luck! :thumbsup

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