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    Now we are in Australia. And we will be back to india in May and we have planned to put my son in PRE KG. We will be coming to Ashok Nagar, chennai. So it would be nice if you would suggest me the list of schools in which pre kg is available and also creche in Ashok Nagar. When does the admission start for PRE KG?
    Thanks in advance,
    Aruna S

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    Well, I hope you found the information for Pre-Kg. Not sure, but not many schools offer pre-kg and if they do they have deadlines etc. let us know if you have it in place. If not you may have to wait for L.Kg. In the mean time if pre-kg does not work out, play school is an option. check out the palyschool in the k.k.nagar and ashok nagar area. In Ashok Nagar, i believe there is the frachise Euro kids. Then there is the exclusive Zoom Kids in K.K.Nagar. A visit to Zoom Kids, is a must for every parent with little ones. The Zoom lady (U.S.Educationist) is open and welcoming.

    good luck

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