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Planning for Boy baby

Discussion in 'Fertility & Trying to Conceive' started by Indiramaha, Jan 28, 2008.

  1. vini31

    vini31 Gold IL'ite

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    I have heard of PGD, it is not done in India, it works on similar lines as IVF but unlike IVF which can click with one or two attempts, the PGD IVF is sorta multiple times, guess to many conditions to fulfill in addition to the IVF conditions....
    do you have any specific medical condition to ask only for a boy ??? i mean some genentic defects which force u for a male child only ...
    do u think a baby boy is like worth so much emotional-physical-financial trauma ...
    any which ways PGD is the only fool proof way if u insist on baby boy only

    Answer: Gender Selection is illegal in India.

    Answer:procedure should be same as IVF,
    1)Down regulation injections one month prior
    2)Timed AF
    3)D3 to D12 simulation Injections , this can vary as per your body
    4)HCG shot for timed egg pickup
    5)Egg Pickup under anesthesia, it is a day care procedure
    6)I think it should be an ICSI or IVF
    7)PGD process to check for the gender
    8)ET of the Boy embryo
    9)2WW complete bed rest with progesterone shots everyday or alternate days.
    10)Blood work to test if it was successful
    The entire procedure can cost u around 1.5 lakhs apart from the PGD process

    Answer:You may have to check personally with the Doc for this. I was told by one of my friends who is a dr that the PDG instruments are not allowed to be kept in the IVF/Fertility clinics. Do not know any dr or hospital.
  2. suchi3ra

    suchi3ra New IL'ite

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    Daer Jaanu!!!
    i have small confusing in this post, please clarify,
    1. The days which u r calculating is this after Menstruration?
    2. You are given some red coloured days after 4 days, so this days are best to conceive boy, what should be done on other days?
    3. Earlier you said 4,6,8,10,12,14,16- male and 5,7,9,11,13,15- female but now as 4 8 12 16 like this....
    4. Also please clearly tell the name of the book and its author

  3. Margarita84

    Margarita84 New IL'ite

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    If you want to have a baby boy, you can try several methods.
    First of all, diet can do something but it has high rate. And sometimes this process cannot work at all leaving the mother malnourished.
    Medical intervention is effective but complex and cannot be applied to all due to some invasive technique.
    So natural gender calculator is safe and found to be effective. You can also try to have a baby boy in this method.

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