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Planned Life

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by Tamildownunder, Sep 9, 2007.

  1. Varloo

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    Dear TDU,
    I am with you, in fact my family is with you. We always plan well in advance and execute that also. My husband will say that we shall go early to the station and sit there instead of sitting at home. When we go on a trip, we plan every thing well and make arrangements. I do the packing fully, hubby dear cannot even put his clothes in a suitcase. It had helped us tremendously to be in order.
    My sister is just the opposite of me. She will always catch the train as it is about to leave. She will book tickets just 2 or 3 days before, that too in the peak season. But she will never get tensed, the others will only get tensed and tear their hair in despair as she expects them to do everything for her and drop her at the station in that hurry. But she has never missed a train and will never grumble if her plan does not work out. She is so different, once she did not even look up by which train she is to travel and was getting ready for 9 o'clock train while she was to travel by 7.30 train. Then she hurriedly got together everything and caught an auto and boarded the train as it started to move. She was cool, only poor bil nearly had a heart attack. She is very touchy about this subject and will flare up if somebody tells her to be on time and plan things.
    My hubby plans well and executes but goes wild completely when something goes wrong which cannot be controlled by humans. He expects that everything should go as per his plan and when the opposite happens he goes out of control and makes life for others hell. I am dead against this, we can plan but if and when it cannot be implemented, we should train our minds to quickly find an alternative without getting tensed.
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    hello sir, a very happy morning!

    your article on Planning was extremely inspiring. The pains you have taken in bringing to light those events are really to be praised. They form a bundle of "case studies" which needs to be analyzed very deeply for a proper planned life!!

    Planning is a continuous process and according to me one needs to be very conscious on an alternative plan for a specific event or case. But people are so busy that they tend to be negligent towards the basic plan and "skip it"; as a result end up with unsatisfactory results.

    I do strictly believe in Newton's III law; "FOR EVERY ACTION, THERE IS AN EQUAL AND OPPOSITE REACTION". There are a umpteen number of examples for the fruits achieved as a result of proper planning. We need to learn a lot from other's success and more importantly from their failures! I would like to quote here "Mistakes increases your experience and experience brings down your mistakes; YOU LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES, THEN OTHERS WILL LEARN FROM YOUR SUCCESS"!! After all, everyday is a learning process in the stage of life.

    Life is great, make the most of it. and to be an OPTIMIST, one needs to know what to plan and how to plan. Just once we need to taste the essence of a Planned work and am sure we will never miss out on planning in our lives. Each and every one of us should know the basic difference between a planned and an un-planned work. ""This cannot be explained but experienced""

    I wish every one a very happy and planned week ahead!! a planned life ahead indeed!! Nothing is too late for a plan to be initiated!!

    Taste the fruit of a planned work and you shall never rest until you have laid a proper plan for your next enduring task. :-D

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