Places to visit in Texas for the long weekend?

Discussion in 'Indians in Texas' started by priyamuthu, Feb 15, 2008.

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    hi friend,
    anyone has ideas abt places to visit in texas. we're in fort worth any place where v can drive can be suggested. would be grateful if u reply soon.
    thanks in advance,

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    Hey Priya,

    May be you wanted to know about places to visit in Texas for the President's day long weekend, sorry I came in late here.

    However, here are some places that we have gone driving in and around Texas. Hope my suggestions help you planning for future weekends atleast.

    S.Padre Island - a tiny island with a beautiful sea shore (should I call it Hawaii of Texas :) - is good to visit for 3 or 4 days weekend durin spring / summer

    Galveston - This is also a sea shore closer to Houston - good to visit for a 3 days weekend. On the way you can also cover Kemah boardwalk (a small theme park), and your kid will definitely love it.

    Corpus Christi - this is also a good place to visit for a 3 or 4 days weekend, but just try to carry your passports / visa (if you are not a GC holder or Citizen), cos lots of border patrol checks since it is in the border of Texas & Mexico. We had a horrible experience having taken only our photo ids.

    Big Bend - this you need to plan for 5 days vacation may be. Very relaxing and calm place. Historic place about Texas, Red Indians, etc.

    Hope this helps for planning a great weekend!


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