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Pathiees!! Beware of participating in 'Kaun Banega Crore pathi"

Discussion in 'TV' started by sushi, Dec 4, 2005.

  1. sushi

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    Don't know how true this is!

    New Delhi- The tremendously popular TV game show,"Kaun Banega Crore
    Pati" claimed its victim in the capital. Mrs Neelam Arora, utterly disgusted
    with her husband's inability to answer the simplest of questions, divorced
    him immediately after the end of the show.

    The entire event has shaken the capital to the core and has left the
    local populace in a state of daze. Mrs Neelam Arora, when contacted, was all
    fire and fury. "How can you stay married to a dumb brick who cannot answer
    even the first 1000 Rupees question? Even a 6 year old can answer such
    questions, but my husband, I mean, my ex-husband %$#@&* (unprintable)
    couldn't do it.

    That's why; I called a lawyer immediately and filed divorce papers."
    She also added that all her friends and relatives supported her move. She
    also dismissed the suggestion that her husband, for motives best known to
    him, could have deliberately flunked the question. Mr. Pankaj Arora, a
    property dealer in one of the colonies of East Delhi, was happy when he got the
    news from the Star TV network that he had got selected, one among millions,
    for participating in the popular show and he considered himself lucky to be
    so chosen. He was also told to bring his wife along to the studios at
    Mumbai where the game shows were to be hosted by Mr Amitabh Bachhan. Winning a crore was hardly in the mind of Mr Arora and all Mr Pankaj Arora wanted to do there was to gape at his idol and may be he thought he could try to sell him a few of the plots of his clients to Amitabh at a small tidy
    But Mrs Arora was made of sterner stuff. Mrs Neelam Arora, ever the
    ambitious wife, now took charge of her indolent husband. She hired the
    best tutor from Sachdev Tutorials, made him learn all the countries and
    capitals in the world, currencies of different countries, names of different
    states,rivers,towns in the country etc. After 3 weeks of gruelling
    schedule of cramming, Mr Arora and Mrs Arora confidently embarked on their
    journey to Mumbai, little knowing that the game show was to change their lives

    Mr Arora was one among the 10 hopefuls selected for the 'fastest finger
    first' event. Amitabh appeared in flesh and blood and Mr Pankaj Arora,
    whose lifetime ambition, was to see his childhood hero in person, felt
    a sense of fulfillment and pressed some buttons in a hurry. Mr Arora
    couldn't believe it! Mrs Neelam Arora felt like a mother whose favourite kid had
    won the best baby show. Not only had he given correct answers, but he had
    done so even before others could begin!

    There was a hubbub around the auditorium as Mr Pankaj Arora gingerly
    took the seat from Amitabh for everyone was convinced that history was going
    to be made that day. There was suspense in the air and the audience could
    sense money floating all around them. Amitabh Bachhan started the show
    by smiling benignly at the nervous Mr Arora, the kind of smile he would give to a ABCL investor, clapped his hands and read out the question. "Mr Pankaj Arora, yehi hai aap ka pehla sawaal.

    Who wrote 'Valmiki Ramayan'? The choices are A. Tulsidas B. Ramanand
    Sagar C. B R Chopra D. Valmiki?
    Mr Pankaj Arora very promptly said, "Ramanand Sagar!". He had not
    forgotten the days when he used to get up early on Sundays solely to watch the epic.
    Amitabh again smiled the benign smile, cajoled him to use his lifeline,
    audience poll etc., but Mr Pankaj Arora, like a true blue property
    dealer, didn't budge from his position. He later told everyone sobbingly that
    he wanted to preserve the lifelines for using them after touching the 25
    lac mark Amitabh commisserated with him and told a shocked Mr Arora that
    his answer was wrong.

    The pin-drop silence that followed immediately was only to be broken by
    loud angry shriek from a female, that evidently from a female, who had
    been done in by her husband. She shouted immediately, "Is there a lawyer in
    the house?". Before the pandemonium that broke out could settle in, Mr
    Arora and Mrs Arora had parted ways as husband and wife. This event has
    caused great sensation among the community of TV viewers and the effect has
    been electric among the chronic followers of this game show. Whether this
    'wife-divorcing-husband -for-flunking-the-first- question' event, will
    drive away all husbands from the show or pull them with magnetic
    attraction to the greatest TV game show ever, only time alone can tell - Agency


  2. lakshmisuresh12

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    I really wonder how could this happen........
    That lady is just crazy...She has gone mad......
    I only feel like laughing at this..........

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