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Pass Word For Life

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by Thyagarajan, Jul 19, 2022.

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    :hello: PASS WORD FOR LIFE :hello:


    A minimum of ten characters used in password would be difficul to to crack even by the wisest hacker. It can be diificult to crack if it is not relatable to birth or death anniversaries or days of national
    celebration. But then robots are engaged to deduct the pass word which would work 24 x 7 to arrive at the possibilities.

    There are statistics posted from time to time in home page here as to how many robots at a given moment browsing this IL web page. THOSE WHO ARE posting a negative write-up here ABOUT THEIR in laws and other laws should be aware their adversaries engage robots to find their pass-word and psuedo-names and easily read what is posted - real, unreal, truth, untruth, imaginary, own story as Paul's, exaggerated etc.

    An American multinational was interviewing a candidate from a rural village in Kumbakonam town in South India. Inter alia, she was asked to tell her user ID and password for accessing her mail that she uses regularly.
    American Interviewer -
    That is all fine. So what's your
    email ID ?
    Indian - Siriamanindian@gmail.com
    American - And password ?
    Indian hyphen12345678

    American - You are so dumb? You shared such a confidential information so easily for the sake of getting selected for the exrcutive post. How can we trust that you will not share any confidential information of the company for some better offers?

    Indian - Sir, I might have shared my password with you but I don't think you can still login to my email account. Sir, Let's look for the possibilities.
    My Password could be
    Onetwothreefourfivesixseveneight - all in words
    1twothreefourfivesixseveneight ie numeric and letters
    1twothreefourfivesixseven8 . . . so on . . .
    (one 2, three 4s, five 6s seven 8s)
    (1, two 3s, four 5s, six 7s and 8) Or
    Combination of all of these . . .
    By the way, did I mention use of capitals ?

    American Interviewer -
    How much salary will u take ?
    Indian - Sorry Sir - I refuse to accept your offer. Becoz I don't want to work under dumb people...

    this interview part I copied & adapted from the post in forum shared by @jayasala42 )
    In another interview for a cartoon magazine, a candidate was asked to create a extremely difficult password with at least "ten characters".
    While interviewer watching on screen, the convent educated "lady candidate" was typing password:

    It was suggested not to use same password for accessing different sites or areas of work like finance, bank, personal, investment etc., but it creates havoc. Oldies find it always difficult to remember so many pass words. And under duress they bound to make mistake "for good".

    On one such occasion, i was saved by skin of my teeth. It was ATM kiosk, where I had struggled to retrieve my Debit card but the machine refused to budge. I was threatened to type password to retrieve the card!*
    *Chess With My Pin
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    In USA some schools give instructions to the parents to set a password with their kids. If someone comes to pick them up from school other than parents, kids can ask the password and check with them.
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