Party Sandwich

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    [font=&quot]Party <st1:place w:st="on">Sandwich

    </st1:place>[/font] Ingredients:

    1 loaf slice bread (preferably round 12 slices)

    2 tbsp. softened butter to apply on slices

    1 capsicum

    2 med. potatoes boiled, peeled

    15-20 baby cherry tomatoes

    1 cup prepared mayonnaise

    a few toothpicks

    1/4 cup all purpose green chutney (refer recipe)

    1/2 cup grated cheese


    Cut capsicum into thin slivers or triangles.

    Pick off stalks of tomatoes if any.

    Slice potato into 8 round slices.

    Apply butter to all slices on one side.

    Arrange on a clean surface in rows of 4, in three columns.

    All slices must have buttered side up.

    Apply chutney on 4 slices, mayonnaise on 4 and tomato ketchup on 4

    Pile one chutney slice over ketchuped slice, with applied side up.

    Now pile one mayonnaised slice over chutney slice, applied side down.

    Now press gently, cut three layered round into 2 half semicircular sandwiches.

    Break some toothpicks into 2 if desired or use whole.

    Place a slice of potato over sandwich on one side.

    Arrange 2 tomatoes, a piece of capsicum in such a way over potato slice,

    That you can secure all by piercing the toothpick through sandwich.

    Now sprinkle some grated cheese below this decoration on sandwich.

    Serve with ketchup and potato chips if desired.

    Christmas Tip: The garnishing has been made keeping the festive atmosphere in mind. One may omit or alter the garnish as per individual taste, with slices of carrots, spring onion,etc.

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