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Part 4-mythili The Full Moon And Breeze In My Life [house Hunting,open Communication And Heart Atta

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by sln, Feb 24, 2020.

  1. sln

    sln Platinum IL'ite

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    Part 4-Mythili the Full moon and Breeze in my life

    [House hunting,open communication and heart attack]

    Remembered the yester years-friends

    why today is not as happy as old days

    Hundred relations have sprung up yet

    where is the peace I am searching for

    We landed at Delhi on a hot summer afternoon and the first one to react was my daschund puppy who rushed to a green patch under the tap.House rent was expensive and I rented a 1500 sq.feet 3BHK FLAT.Mythili and children were appalled at this choice as this was a drastic climb down from our bungalow in Goa.There was a fight almost every day. After three weeks our vice chairman called us home for tea.He casually asked Mythili about Delhi and our house.There was a chorus that my selection of the house was “stupidy.After a week our PRO called me and took us to a beautiful and spacious 3 BHK flat with a family room,servant quarters and a big garrage.Before we could even finalise, the three of them rushed and put their dupatta in the room of their choice leaving me the smallest room for my private use..When Mythili called up to thank my boss”Lakshmi can now concentrate on his job leaving a happy family at home”.Mythili had lot of time to catch up with her reading with a stay in servant to take care of the house.

    When I got a substantial bonus I wanted to invest it but desired consensus.I called the three of them, took a sheet of paper and discussed various options and finally agreed on investment.When I got bonus next time Mythili cautioned my daughters not to fall for the trap of having a sheet of paper and discussing options.We chose to go on a holiday.

    When I found that we were steering away from our goals I called for a meeting of my family members for a SWOT[STRENGTH,WEAKNESS,OPPORTUNITY AND THREAT]analysis of each member to help go on a correction course.It was a very realistic and objective analysis.When the turn came to discuss me,Mythili told her daughters to bring atleast 2 A 4 sheets to record my weakness as one was not enough.There was a concerted clapping by all the three of them.I believed in such open communication as compared to pontification.

    Mythili was an excellent hostess.When about a dozen GMs,,VPSsand Directors from the industry came home for a party extending up to the wee hours of the morning.inspite of her irritation she was grace personified and our party was fondly remembered for a long time.

    I was asked to handle the public issue of the company under depressed capital market conditions.Iwas extremely busy and continuouly travelling all over the country.I also had to address NRIs in the middle east countries,Singapore,Hongkong and Jakarta.Continuous travel,late nights,irregular food timings took a toll of my health. She was so helpful that she used to buy all the financial magazines.mark down comments on our public issue and read them out to me every night.This helped me to take corrective action in time.

    In April 1995,after returning from chandigarh,I went to bed.Around 3 AM,I felt some pain in the chest which became excruciating around 5 AM.My company Doctor arrived and I was rushed to the hospital. It was a massive heart attack.After three days of sedation and unconsciousness I was admitted in Escorts Hospital for a bypass surgery.It was a triple vessel block with 100% blockage of the main artery.Mythili was shaken beyond consolation.The entire organisation including MD,Vice chairman and Chairman was behind me.[see my snippet-A Matter of heart].Post surgery,while recuperating I was not able to take the hospital food-strict vigil was maintained to prevent smuggling.When I suggested to Mythili to wear a nine yards saree and smuggle,idly,vada and coconut chutney in the saree fold, she along with my brothers pounced on me and refused help.We had escaped catastrophe by a whisker.I was 58.

    Wait for the opportunities galore and a twist in the tale in part 5.

  2. shyamala1234

    shyamala1234 Platinum IL'ite

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    She stood by you, corrected when needed, took care of things at home front and difficult times as well. Lucky you are and no wonder you miss her so much.

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