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Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by kanaka Raghavan, Apr 24, 2007.

  1. kanaka Raghavan

    kanaka Raghavan IL Hall of Fame

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    I would like to share this with my friends which i read in a magazine which is really touching
    Dear son/daughter
    The day that you see me old,and I amnot already,have patience and try to understand me''.
    If I get dirty,while eating...If I cannot dress,have patience...Remember the hours I spent teaching it to you''.
    When I speak to you, if I repeat the same things a number of times...do not interrupt even if you don't want to listen to me''.
    When you were small,I had to read to you thousand and one times the same story until you got to sleep''
    When I do not want to have a shower,neither shame nor scold me''.
    Remember the days I had to chase you with thousand excuses that I invented in order to make you bathe
    When you see my ignorance on new technologies,give me the necessary tips .Do not look at me with a mocking smile.
    I taught to do so many things, to eat properly,to dress well, to confront life..
    When at some moment I lose thread of our conversation...let me have the necessary time to remember and if I cannot then do not become nervous..as the most important thing is not the conversation but being with you and to have you listening to me....''
    When my tired leg does not allow me to walk.give me your hand.. the same way Idid when you took your first step
    And when some day,Isay to you Ido not want to live anymore..and that Iwant to die..do not get angry.. some day you will understand''.
    Some day you will discover that despite my mistakes,Ialways did the best things for you.'
    Help me to walk..help me to end my travel with love and patience...Iwill pay you by a smile and by the immense love I always had for you..
    Ilove you my child
    i found this piece very very wonderful,read and share your views.
    yours kanaka raghavan

  2. mythili

    mythili Senior IL'ite

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    Thank you Kanaka for posting it. Very touching and it brought tears to my eyes. It is very true, parents sacrifice everything while bringing up the kids.
    Grown up children somehow forget all that and I have seen in so many families children fighting for the division of wealth or to decide who will take care of parents. It is very sad. I don't know why we dont have tolerance for our aged dear ones anymore. Is it because we are so busy?
    Is this the cycle of life? Repaying the sacrifices made by our parents by ourselves making sacrifices for our children, Can a senior member comment on this?
    Thank you.
  3. raginiprakash

    raginiprakash Senior IL'ite

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    Dear Kanaka,

    That was so touching. So true........our parents have sacrificed so much for us, instilled the right values in us........the list is endless. We are what we are, only because of them.

    It is indeed our duty to look after them with tolerance & patience & give them moral support in their old age. But on the pretext of career & busy lives we seem to be forgetting our duties towards our parents.

    It'll also be good to remember that we will also be in the same shoes as them later in life.

    Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. puni88

    puni88 Moderator Staff Member IL Hall of Fame

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    Thanks for such a wonderful post!
    Reading this it made me to think about my old aged years. WIll my kids/husband take care of me.....
    Anyways I just pray to god to keep me in good health (physically and mentally).


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