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Parenting Coach & Family Coach

Discussion in 'Education & Personal Growth' started by Vedhavalli, Nov 9, 2019.

  1. Vedhavalli

    Vedhavalli Platinum IL'ite

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    Hi ILs,
    As I was reading the books
    "Parenting: Innocence to InnerSense" & "Unconditional Parenting: Moving from Rewards and Punishments to Love and Reason"
    It is difficult for anyone these days to raise a child in a mindful happy way.
    With so many external stimuli.

    I'm thinking to do Parenting coach certification
    And a family coach certification.
    Can anyone put some light on what type of certification, which institute etc details of parenting coach certification?.

    I found many institutes over internet but none seems authentic to me .
    thanks in advance

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  2. Rihana

    Rihana Finest Post Winner

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    Vedhavalli, once again, your post takes me down memory lane. : ) With each parenting challenge, I read books and websites, and after some imbibing of gyan, I'd think I have read up so much, I might as well do one of those certifications! I looked seriously at at least 3-4 of them over the years.

    Here's my opinion: For guidance with our own parenting journey, any one certification won't be sufficient. Even five won't be. : ) Better is to rely on our instincts to start with. And, as needed, with each "how do I" challenge, consult professionals and read good quality books or look up websites. In moderation. Pretty much any challenge can be dealt with sufficiently if we follow 3-4 steps consistently after reading up things a bit.

    Pursuing a parenting coach or similar certification makes more sense for professionals who work in that area and are need to keep up with the latest fads.

    Of all the certifications I considered, I wish I had pursued that of Life Coach. Just for the knowledge and experience, not necessarily to use it on myself or family, friends.
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