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Pankaja's Article on Rajkumar.

Discussion in 'Stories (Fiction)' started by Chitvish, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. Chitvish

    Chitvish Moderator IL Hall of Fame

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    Dear All,
    The following is a very nice article written by our " anupama" - Pankaja, about the Kannada actor Late Rajkumar and her relationship with him.
    Please use the following link to read the same.

    Dear Pankaja,
    You have written it wonderfully in your inimitable style ! Chanting Hanuman Chalisa is hilarious to read !
    Your writing reminds me so much of our own Shivaji Ganesan, whose great fan I am ! It is sad, that generation is becoming extinct ! Well, Old order changeth, yielding place to New ! " That is life.
    Love & regards,

  2. sudhavnarasimhan

    sudhavnarasimhan Silver IL'ite

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    Dear Pankaja ma'am,

    That was really a cute article travelling back in time, .... have heard a lot of good things about our oun Dr. Rajkumar and it is nice to see that you have written so well about him! Was this the only movie which came out with your story or were there other movies too? Please do share such lovely snippets now and then with all of us. We Ilites feel privileged.

    And Dear Chitra,
    That was thoughtful of you to post the link and sharing this with us all!
    i also got carried away with sweet memories down the Memory Lane!:) Thanks!
  3. nuggehallipankaja

    nuggehallipankaja New IL'ite

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    Very glad

    Dear Chitra, and Sudha,
    Two beautiful names, carrying wafts of colours and fragrance!

    Thanks very much for having read my article. It givs me a heavenly sort of fulfillment.

    Chitra, Since I didn't know how to bring it to our IL site, I requested our
    Knight-in-arms, Varalotti to do it for me; Just yesterday I sent the E-mail, here it is today, thanks to you-dear moderator! I was also a fan of Shivaji Ganeshan! What rhetoric!
    I am glad you could discern the humour; It comes automatically in most of my writings, and though i have written in all fields, I am being labelled as 'Humorist' by papers! By the way, you are writing very good
    english nowadays- Annapoorna wooed by Saraswati? Wish you all the best.

    You have showed such happiness at seeing the article, I am touched;
    You make me feel glad for having laid the image of Rajkumar in a small measure before you all. Another novel of mine has been taken up by 'Rajkumar Samste', contract finalised, but they are taking their own time,and i can't do anything about it, since I didn't put time-limit. Same case with another good novel-'Mugilaminchu'. So two more novels taken up but in cupboard of the producers!
  4. Vidya24

    Vidya24 Gold IL'ite

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    Dear Mrs Pankaja, Mrs Chithra,

    Mrs Pankaja- That was one nice article and I enjoyed the simple lines on which you have penned it. You have shown Shri Rajkumar as such a warm and human person. I must confess that I have not seen any of his films, but am now tempted to view one cause of yr article.

    Mrs Chithra- Thanks for posting this for all of us. I also liked the quip on chanting Hanuman Chalisa. And am a Sivaji fan too.

    warm regards
  5. Kamla

    Kamla IL Hall of Fame

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    Dear Pankaja Ma'm,

    I am glad that through Chitra, all of us who have no access to DC were able to read your article about meeting RajKumar. It was witty and well written. Any mention of Blore makes me nostalgic, and this even more so as my dad was in film business. Hence I can very well paint the background of the studios to your article!
    BTW, I not only liked many Sivaji movies, I also am fortunate enough to know him personally and calling him Sivaji uncle! Also a lovely person who could remember faces and people inspite of knowing so many thousands of them. Isn't that wonderful?
    I sincerely hope that your books are made into films soon. Please do not forget to let us know when that happens. I shall now try to see Sepoy Ramu! Have any of your other stories been filmed? If so, please let me know the titles of those films.

    L, Kamla
  6. sunkan

    sunkan Gold IL'ite

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    pankaja's malayamarutha is something i will cherish all my life

    ya i should agree with other for those who dont read DH this was a nice opener....but pankaja's malayamarutha acted by vishnuvardhan,madhavi and saritha r really very nice the story tooo good and the songs compimented the story...madhuram song is damn good...the story is something like a guru who was teaching an imcompetent shishya dies early so takes the help of the shishya and gets into his body and sings away to glory to build his scool of arts and suddenly leaves him once the scool is built that too while he is singing and the effort of the shishya along with the two ladies of his life to get back the voice how he goes to shringeri....well picturised..wondering may be the book would be more interesting as visual has only limited presentation whereas a book might blow the mind in its own way.....regards sunkan
  7. varalotti

    varalotti IL Hall of Fame

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    A Very Nice Write-up by a Nice Person On a Nice Person!

    Dear Pankaja,
    You have proved again that not only you are a gifted writer but also a balanced individual with compassion. Many of the ILites remarked about the Hanuman Chalisa and the humour implicit in your writings. I do not deny that.
    But what appeals to me most are:
    a) your compassion in taking your neighbour and her brood along when you are invited to meet a celebrity (celebrity in the very real sense of the term)
    b) your manner of meeting and talking with the great Rajkumar; you were not overawed by his presence; nor where you in any way discourteous. You met him in the same manner a queen would meet the king of the neighbouring country. Which is in one way true also, for was it not the meeting between the Queen of Fiction and the King of the Tinsel world?
    Anyday I would trade places with the former than with the latter.
    Well written, Pankaja, as usual.
    With warm love and affectionate regards,

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