Paneer pasanda

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    Paneer pasanda

    [font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]400 gm cottage cheese (paneer)
    2 large sized onions (quartered)
    10-12 cashewnuts
    15-20 raisins
    ½ inch piece ginger (chopped)
    ½ tsp white pepper powder
    Salt to taste
    ½ cup cornstarch
    2 tbsp oil + to deep fry
    1 bay leaf
    4-5 cloves
    1-inch stick cinnamon
    4-5 green cardamoms
    6-8 peppercorns
    3 green chillies (finely chopped)
    2 tsp ginger paste
    2 tsp garlic paste
    1 tsp red chilli powder
    ¼ tsp turmeric powder
    1 tsp coriander powder
    2 cups tomato puree
    1 tsp green cardamom powder
    1 tbsp sugar
    ½ cup fresh cream

    Mash one-fourth quantity of paneer and cut the rest into one and a half inch sized squares with half a centimetre thickness. Boil onions in half a cup of water. Drain excess water and grind to a fine paste. Soak half the cashewnuts in half a cup of warm water for 15 minutes. Drain and grind to a paste. Chop the remaining cashewnuts.

    Mix mashed paneer with chopped cashewnuts, raisins, chopped ginger, white pepper powder and salt. Mix well and stuff this mixture between two slices of paneer. Prepare a thick batter of cornstarch, salt and three tablespoons of water. Heat sufficient oil in a kadai, dip stuffed paneer pieces in the batter and deep fry till crisp and golden.

    Drain onto an absorbent paper. Heat two tablespoons of oil in another kadai. Add bay leaf, cloves, cinnamon, green cardamoms and peppercorns. Add boiled onion paste. Cook for two minutes. Add chopped green chillies, ginger paste, garlic paste, red chilli powder, turmeric powder and coriander powder. Cook for a minute.

    Add tomato puree and bring to a boil. Add cashewnut paste dissolved in a little water. Cook for five minutes stirring continuously. Add salt and green cardamom powder. Add one cup of water and sugar. Bring to a boil. Add fried paneer pieces and fresh cream and mix. Serve hot.

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