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'paavam Munuswami

Discussion in 'Posts in Regional Languages' started by jayasala42, Jul 6, 2016.

  1. jayasala42

    jayasala42 IL Hall of Fame

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    We read in papers that drinking is not the preorgative of men alone.Why not women drink and commit the same crimes as men?This seems to be the attitude of girls behind pub culture.Though such girls are very few in number this is how society views them.

    Yes, Adi Aiswarya had drunk only very little.This is her statement.
    All Tamil movie fans would not have forgotten Nagesh-Dharumi character in Thiruvilaiyadal puranam.He would say'You reduce the prize money in relation to the mistakes committed while composing the poem.
    What a justifiable request!This is what Aiswarya also says.
    Yes she had taken only a little quantity of drinks. It is a perfect Judgement and Dharma that she should be given lesser punishment! What if Munuswami died!
    Is it not unjust to imprison an innocent girl?
    Government will not lose anything if she is released on bail.
    Tamil cinema always comes handy to us. Thangavelu, the accused would be interrogated" why did you kill the hero?'
    A cool reply would be heard from Thngavelu"

    "அவனது விதி முடிந்து விட்டது அதனால், அவன் செத்துப்போனான்,"
    ( It is hero's destiny.He died")
    When viewed in this angle 'Munuswami's aayus had come to an end.He died.This is a simple matter.Why should everybody bother about 'murder;, punishment etc.?

    After all, all of us are believers in karma theory.The death of Munusway purely depends on his Karma.What you sow, so you reap.
    Munuswmi gone.Swathi is no more.
    Why do you make Aiswaryas and ramkumars - very innocent as they are- be made scapegoats for the karma enactment?Is it not a torture to such innocent people?Just think over.
    Today the case was taken up by an advocate.Tomorrow Ramjet Malani or Harish Salvey may fly to Chennai.Pay just Rs 25 lakh for one visit.It is not a big amount for Aiswaryas.

    Do you know how they wouldturn the case.
    The innocent Aiswarya was little drunk.But Munuswami was totally drunk.He walked haphazard and fell before the Adi car and met with his end.
    It is not at all a difficult task to change the post mortem report in exchange of 'some thing'.You can bend the law any way. Natural death can be modified into murder and a murder that took place in front of many witnesses can be proved to be a natural death.

    See to morrow, munuswami's medical report would show dilapidated liver due to'addiction'

    Aiswaryas would get ready for another'kill'.
    Very often we hear a story. A person murdered his parents.
    During enquiry the judge asked'before deciding the judgement do you want to say anything?"
    அவன் கூறுவானாம், அப்பன் ஆத்தாள் இல்லாத அனாதை; கொஞ்சம் கருணை காட்டுங்கள் என்று.
    என்ன தவறு; அவன் சொன்னது உண்மைதானே.
    ( Pl show mercy on me.I am an orphan, having lost both my parents.What is wrong in his statement? He has no parents)

    After all Aiswarya has stated that she has not yet married and she should be sympathised with.What is wrong?
    There is a Tamil proverb

    அரசு அன்று கொல்லும் ; தெய்வம் நின்று கொல்லும் என்பது பழமொழி.

    ( The king would punish then and there,But God would wait and punish")
    But today both Government and God belong to the same side,They have decided never to punish anyone.
    The Goddess of Justice is found closing her eyes with a black cloth because she does not want to see any nyaya or Dharma. She wants to be totally blind to such things.
    She has decided to be more pragmatic.
    The Economists, great scholars. have fixed only less than Rs 50/ as the basic expense for a person below poverty line.
    We may not be surprised if the court allows Rs 4500

    per year to Munuswami's family also-very much justifiable.
    After all the value of life of an Indian is already fixed by foreigners as observed from the compensation granted in Bhopal tragedy.

    It has been proved beyond doubt'Law is an ass"

    jayasala 42

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