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Overworked And Underappreciated

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by SuiDhaaga, Jul 9, 2021.

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    No one talks to her
    No one makes her laugh
    No one cares for her
    No one shudders if she
    Dies from inhalation of
    Carbon monoxide gas

    She is the Kitchen Lady
    That's who she is
    She is the Kitchen Lady
    She is nobody's kid

    Round the clock she takes orders
    Round the order she takes abuse
    She is quiet
    And everyone thinks she is obtuse

    Who is the Kitchen Lady
    That comes out in the Night
    Who is the Kitchen Lady
    That wishes to avoid a Fight

    She is the Kitchen Lady
    Who keeps her distance and weeps
    She cannot see her children
    She is not her husband's keep

    Kitchen lady, Kitchen lady
    Is that you
    Kitchen lady, Kitchen lady
    Did you get me my food

    Thank you for keeping it warm
    Thank you for shopping
    And returning back before
    You get caught in a thunderstorm

    There is so much that you do
    Yet nobody, nobody
    Cares for You

    Like Water for Chocolate (1992). Scene where elderly, never-married family cook Chencha consoles Tita the night before her Lover will marry her Elder Sister.

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