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Overcoming Tragedy

Discussion in 'Jokes' started by PushpavalliSrinivasan, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. PushpavalliSrinivasan

    PushpavalliSrinivasan IL Hall of Fame

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    Healing is not just about medicine and technology. It also involves the human spirit, represented by relationships and faith. Often a person’s physical state reflects the mental agonies he/she is undergoing. A simple solution would be to tap the dormant resources each one of us has. This is neither complicated nor impossible. It requires us to be receptive to the forces within us and let them help us heal ourselves.
    Other than positive mental attitude nothing else contributes to one’s sense of well-being and health. A positive mental attitude (PMA) can make a crucial difference to our lives. The difference between brooding over our problems and moving ahead; between living in the shadows and claiming a place in the sun, between wallowing in self pity and helping others overcome.

    In the sphere of health, nothing can contribute as much to a sense of well-being as a positive mental attitude.” I feel healthy, I feel happy, I feel terrific,” is one of the slogans advocated by Napolean Hill and W.Clement in their influential best seller Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude. They recommend one to develop the PMA philosophy. “Prepare for any possible emergency. Always have something to live for. Never abandon hope,” are some of the principles.

    “He/she has lost the will to fight, to live,” is a statement one hears often. Sometimes doctors are baffled. While one patient succumbs easily to a particular disease, another makes a miraculous recovery. The miracle is often effected through PMA. While Negative Mental Attitude (NMA) spells defeat and death, PMA represents life and achievement. It is the wonder drug that enables the severely disabled to participate in the Olympics, travel across the world and climb the Everest.
    Always have a positive approach to life, never be a pessimist. I have learnt a lot of things by reading these kind of articles. Hope that more people will benefit by reading these kind of articles.

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